Story of a Bihari trying to eradicate the taboo associated with Chakhna ft. Chakhna Shots

The word Chakhna often brings back the memories of the joyous nights spent in the company of dear friends and good beer. Your heart filled with the deep conversations and visions you had for life while you drank beer and binged on Chakhna. Since eternity Chakhna has been associated with drinking and gambling. Difficult to think of it as an alternative to your regular evening snack, isn’t it?

PatnaBeats presents to you, the story of the revolution of ‘Chakhna’

A  brilliant mind from Bihar who was bent on removing the taboo around the word ‘Chakhna’.  Amar Chaudhary has been making Bihar proud through his different ventures and peculiar ideas. Heis a B.Tech graduate from Bhagalpur College of Engineering.

The bright champ, who had a history of topping most of the exams secured a position in IIT Delhi by securing 96.76 percentile in GATE 2005. When asked to share his opinion on Bihar’s present state, Amar says, “Bihari word is wrongly placed on a national level and a whole lot effort has been put on NOT recognizing the true strength of Bihari people. We Biharis, support our national ecosystem in more ways than one, and at all levels.”

He continued to say, “It is our collective strength that representing Bihar as a brand has failed. I really appreciate Patnabeat’s vision to position Bihar as a Brand. To give due respect to my Bihari people, we have captured Story of Bihari Farmers associated with Makhana farming on our product packaging.”

Owing to his budding desire to create something of his own, he dropped out of college and invested in a start-up named Aapka Khana, which delivered homemade food to working professionals, away from home. His second venture was an ed-tech startup Smart Students, which trained students on moral and ethical values.

The surge of Chakhna Shots

His previous endeavours paved the way to rebranding Chakhna via his new startup named Chakna Shots. The snack startup was started under the parent company named Belly Fit Food&Beverages back in October 2018. It was selected for Amazon’s launchpad program. The company reached commendable heights in a short span of 6 months.

Speaking of Chakhna, Amar says, “The inspiration generated from the vision to create a youth-centric snacking brand with which people can connect. A brand whose foundation would be built on the product innovation and understanding the changing consumer behaviour and aspiration of customers from the product they eat. Nowadays, people are very much concerned about what they eat, and creating a brand that commits to offering a product capturing the trendy and nostalgic amalgamation of flavours was one objective on the mind.”

Their products are available in the markets of Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. One can also order these nutty delights on Amazon. Mr. Chaudhary aims at expanding the company multi-folds in the coming days, both overseas, and in India. When asked about launching his product in Bihar’s market, Amar stated that due to some reasons he hasn’t been able to distribute the product in Bihar but would be more than happy to the distribution system in his home state.

They have successfully acclaimed a name for themselves cause of their reasonable customer care, strict quality control, and active sourcing. They soon tied up with an ISO certified manufacturing facility in Delhi, sourced the raw materials from Gujarat and rich spices from Kerela.

Revolution of ‘Chakhna’

Chakhna Shots market a range of healthy evening snacks such as peanuts, almonds, foxnuts, cashew nuts with a twist. The uniqueness of its flavours and the high health quotient sets it apart from the regular snacking options. The peanuts come in different flavours such as Achari Masti, Peri-Peri, Smoked Tandoori, Minty Mania, Jalapeno Twist, etc. Tempting, eh?

Why go for pizza when Chakhna shots have you covered with all the delights?

It is a healthy snacking option that is affordable and delicious enough to satiate your evening cravings. The price varies from 10 bucks to 250 bucks.

The dream towards a better future.

The brand comes in with big dreams. While speaking to PatnaBeats, Amar Chaudhary mentioned,  “I dream to create employment and micro-entrepreneurship opportunity for 1000 people in the coming years. On this mission, I wish to create an impact on the most neglected layer of our society. Presently, we are small to make any significant impact but with time, I have planned to employ almost 50% female employee to my organization and directing our material sourcing directly from the farmers so that we can improve their life.”

The company is still growing and we wish it accomplishes great success. It would be incredible to have flavoured peanuts, cashews, and almonds as an alternative to the deep-fried, baked eateries which costs you a fortune!

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