Startups in Bihar That Dreamt, Stumbled, And Achieved!
startups in Bihar

Startups in Bihar That Dreamt, Stumbled, And Achieved!

Bihar Startups

Startups in Bihar. Bihar, the third most populous state of India and the 25th largest state in terms of territory. With an area covering 94,163km², it is basically considered an agriculture-based state. Since time immemorial Bihar has been the center of education, learning, and culture. But despite having a vibrant past Bihar is still struggling to get the identity that it deserves. As we all know Bihar lies in its rural areas with only 11.3% population residing in the urban region.

The youngsters of Bihar are known for being successful even with limited resources. However, newcomers with brilliant start-up plans are struggling to achieve their dreams yet they are not giving up to retain the glory of Bihar. Even with limited resources the start-ups of Bihar are making advances and are successfully competing with others. Bihar’s contribution to the field of a start-up is quite promising. Following are some of them:-

1. Dehaat

Founded by IIT Delhi alumnus Mr.Shashank Kumar and IIT Kanpur alumnus Mr.Manish Kumar in 2012. It is a Patna based online platform that connects farmers with a network of micro-entrepreneurs. It aims to supply various farm inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and also equipment even they offer crop advisory and marketing linkages.

2.Husk Power System

Being an agriculture-based state, Bihar is in constant need of developed agricultural tools. In this field, the husk power system has helped to a greater extent. Founded by Manoj Singh in the year 2008. The husk Power system is known for efficiently generating electricity using a biomass gasifier that creates fuel from rice husks.

3.Brand Radiator

Founded by Miss Himani Mishra and Mr. Sashidhar Rajan, in 2018. The Brand Radiator is a digital media marketing and technology-based company in Bihar. It aims at providing proper job opportunities for the people of Bihar.

4.Bihar Bytes

Founded by Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Yadav in 2016. Bihar bytes basically aims to promote the rich culture and heritage of Bihar. It is an online platform that provides tourism and cultural activities of Bihar by promoting it through various activities such as content, social media, videos, etc.

5.Rail Restro

Founded by Mr. Manish Chandra in 2015. Rail Restro is considered one of the best start-ups in Bihar. It aims at providing online food or hygienic meals to the passengers traveling through the train.

6. Medi 360

Founded by Mr. Kumar Amar Jamdhiar in 2014. Medi 360 works in the field of healthcare, technology, and business industries. It aims at providing tools and technology-based programs by connecting doctors, healthcare experts, etc to the patients especially in remote ruler areas and in urban too.


7.Revival Services

Founded by Miss. Shazia Quaiser in 2014. Revival Services have one of the new and best concepts. It aims at providing all issues related to shoes and leather products. It provides repairing, cleaning and giving new look to shoes and other leather products like jackets, bags, etc. They also provide shoes on demand.


Founded by Mr. Sachin Kumar in 2018. Sattuz supplies one of the best health drinks. It aims at providing healthy and digestive drinks that provide instant energy, which helps in relaxing, cooling, and promoting the digestive system of the body. It also helps in maintaining blood pressure and diabetes.

9. Emedix

Founded by Mr. Shiraz Imam in 2015. Emedix ia an online pharmacy which basically aims at providing an online platform for providing medical and healthcare products to our doorstep. It is known for its outstanding service and on time delivery.

10. Utesh Technologies

Founded by Mr. Utsav Anand and Mr. Satyam Anand in 2014. Utesh technologies are one of the first companies in Bihar which aims at providing solutions to the manufacturing sector, information technology, web designing, legal and finance, etc.

In a succinct, we can say that despite having limited resources we, Biharis have the capacity to change our start-ups into big companies. We dream, we execute, we achieve and this achievement is not just for a single person but for every single person associated with this “DREAM”.


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