Here is why Sonepur Junction has now become the first ‘Happiness Junction’ in India.

Happiness All The Way | Sonepur Junction

Drawing inspiration from Bhutan’s happiness index, Bihar now has India’s first happiness junction for passengers.sonepur

For the uninitiated, Sonepur is located across the Ganges in Saran district in Bihar. In a one-of-it’s-kind initiative, Sonepur is all set to have India’s first happiness junction, a happiness stopover where passengers while waiting for their trains can put whatever little time to good use.

The station will now have a range of recreational facilities like television, recreational centre, kids zone, a book café, newspaper stall and several other facilities that passengers can avail while they are awaiting their trains. The facilities here will be catering to all age groups.
The basic idea behind this initiative is to utilise passenger’s idle time and make it a bit productive.
The station is also planning to launch a charity section here. “In that way, everyone could get a share of happiness in life by way of charity as it will bring colours in the life of the needy. People who have many useless things with them, will quietly donate and the needy will have the chance to quietly take things which they really require”, explains Dileep Kumar, a senior divisional officer with Bihar railways.
sonepur junction

To be named as the “GoodWill Wall”, this will be the section where people can quietly leave things like books, clothes, bags, water bottles, toiletries, donations, etc. and help the less fortunate. This wall urges people to donate.
Certainly, what an idea, Sir Ji!

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

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