Some Interesting Bihari colloquial terms

Our Bihar has so much to offer. It has been talk of the nation for many things which give it a special class of its own. The famous ‘Bihari’ language is one of them. The way we people greet each other, speak in day to day lifestyle, talk and communicate has a unique flavour here, in Bihar.

Wherever one of us goes or ventures to, he is enquired at very first, if he could speak ‘Bihari’. Little do they know that ‘Bihari’ isn’t any of our language! Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magahi etc. are some of the languages being spoken widely but, ‘Bihari’ is no language. It is just a typical choice of words, spoken typically in a typical accent, which makes us amazingly cute with the pinch of humor and brings that famous Bihari ‘flambuoyancy’.

It doesn’t matter whether one has impeccable English or one belongs to that street smart category, everyone is blessed with this ‘Bihari’ language, here. This unique set of vocabulary rests with us forever, at least in dormancy, irrespective of the metropolis we live in. We tend to choose these colloquial terms every now and then and which reaches its apex as soon as we return to our homes!

Some interesting colloquial terms which we all English educated Biharis living away from home miss badly and the dormant volcano of which bursts as soon as we meet someone from the region or get back to home are:

  1.  “Aye Bhai Suno….” at start of each sentence.
  2.  “Du Go …..Teen Go…” when we refer to two things, three things…
  3.  “Bataiyee……” – whenever you are expressing dismay, surprise
  4.  “Adding waaa to every name possible” …so rajesh is rajeshwaa , gopal is gopalvaa…..etc
  5.  Referring to you as HUM rather than main…..
  6.  Referring to others politely as ‘BhaiyaJi” & “Aap”….
  7.  Using “…gaa ” at the end of a verb based sentence…..e.g. ghar jayeega , aayeeegaa , khana pakaeegaa… etc
  8.  Beautiful words of “Bhojpuri” when you speak to your grandparents etc…using “baa” in sentences…thik baa etc…
  9.  “Kahela” as a shorter substitute for every interrogation.
  10.  “Enne” “Onne” as directional terms.

& many more which we all enjoy n go back to the old days in Bihar when life was about people and closeness.