Patna airport | Passengers to go through single checkpoint only

Patna Airport’s administration in its fight to bring more convenience to flyers, came up with single checkpoint concept

There will be single checkpoint for flyers at Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport here from November 14. The passengers will have to undergo security check only at the main gate after which they will go straight to x-ray machine for getting their luggage checked and to check-in counters for boarding passes from Monday onwards.The visitors’ area will also be restricted to arrival side only. Hence, visitors would enter the terminal building from the exit gate while passengers would go through the entry gate as usual.Patna airport director Rajendra Singh Lahauria attributed the new system to congestion at the terminal building.

“Passenger traffic at Patna airport increased by 32% last year, perhaps the highest in India. With 25 flights operating daily from the airport, there is hardly any space for passenger movement in the departure hall. Average passenger movement per day is 6040,” Lahauria said.“It becomes more inconvenient as passengers are required to undergo two ID checks before they reach the check-in counters for boarding passes.

Source: TOI

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