Bihar is receiving global attention for its Sikki Artefacts. Never heard of it? We’re here to help. Sikki Artefacts are handmade crafts made in Bihar with golden-hued grass which is quite special in various ways. Since it’s eco-friendly and is being turned into organic crafts and toys, there is no wonder why it is now flaunted in modern cities and states. Let’s unravel the mystery behind its golden colour.

During the monsoon season, these grasses are grown, harvested and then kept under the sun to gain a beautiful golden colour. The upper part is cut and other grasses, especially Munj, is used to make a structure for products. The process of transformation of the Sikki grass into artistry is pretty beautiful but at the same time a complex process. To these, natural dyes or colours are used to give it a lavish look. They are then put in boiling water for about 15-20 minutes and are afterwards washed and dried.

Sikki Art

Sikki Artefacts has gained popularity not just in the offline world but also in the online market. A wide range of sikki products is being shipped globally because of various attributes and characteristics. Even though the word of mouth is a popular concept which is still in use, it cannot beat the hard work done daily by the workers back in Bihar. They have buyers from various countries including London and Paris. And not just that, it has also acted as an inspiration for a lot of artists out there. Don’t believe in love at first sight? These artists will prove you wrong.

Various youngsters and artists were so impressed with the Sikki crafts and products that they got themselves involved in it for it to gain further popularity. A huge variety of sikki products such as paintings, masks, toys, bangles, jewellery boxes are out on the run to compete with other products. Overall they attract a clever advantage as they are lightweight, eco-friendly and usable for a long time.

This shows that even in emerging times, long-lived traditions are being practised and appreciated. Although it has been with us since ancient times, its unique and creative approach has loosened the jaws of tons of people globally. Then what are you waiting for, it’s high time that we switch to organic and eco-friendly products and flaunt these handcrafted beauties: Sikki Products

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