Shrini Singh, PATNA

Shrini Singh from Patna will be representing India in Belgium as Misses Glamour India, International

Shrini Singh, PATNA
Patna’s Shrini Singh outshines once again!!

Shrini Singh, the winner of the Most Charming Face title of Mrs. India Earth, 2016, is a freelance journalist, an Advertising Manager, a daughter, a wife and a mother. She was born in Calcutta and did most of her schooling from Patna.

Shrini belongs to a broad-minded family in which she was always supported and encouraged to persue her dreams. After bagging the title of the Most Charming Face title in the Mrs. India competition, there has been no looking back for her. She next participated in Misses Glamour India, International-2017 which was themed around women of integrity and once again, proved her mettle by securing the position of the 1st Runners Up.

The beauty pageant Misses Glamour India, International aims to seek women with a mind of integrity and faithfulness, a heart of love and selflessness and a spirit of confidence and determination. For Shrini, participating in the competition was like taking a step further in the journey on which she embarked a year ago.

“Having participated in a national pageant before definitely gave me some confidence and experience which I guess worked in my advantage,” says Shrini.

Shrini Singh, PATNAEnjoying the pageant and gaining new experiences was more important to her than winning or losing. But, there was a bit of nervousness at the time of the announcement of the results. Excitement new no bounds for her when she was not only crowned as the 1st Runners Up of the pageant but also given the title of the Most Beautiful Body.

“Hearing my name as one of the winners was an extremely exciting moment. I was thrilled! I jumped, did a little dance backstage and then ran to the stage to get my crown,” says the woman with the charming face and an equally charming heart.

Shrini believes that all this is like a fairy-tale. But, she also believes that now, the pageant and the title has also bestowed on her a sense of responsibility. She would now be representing India in Belgium in the same pageant which would now be organised on an international level. Shrini is excited beyond limits on being able to represent her country on an international level.Shrini Singh, PATNA

“I love my state and I totally adore it. When I represented Patna, it was a different feeling but now when I am getting to represent my country, I feel more responsible towards my nation. I am a hardcore patriot and it is a huge honor to be representing my country,” said an excited Shrini Singh.

For Shrini, the mantra for success has always been believing in herself. She believed in her potential and then did her utmost to hone her talent and carve a niche for herself. The ever flamboyant and charming Shrini gave the same message for the youth.

“Be confident. Own your life, own the stage. Believe in yourself and never stop your hard work. Success is bound to come to you.”

PatnaBeats congratulates Shrini Singh on her success and wishes her all the best for her future endeavors. Keep Shining.


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