Shoes For All Campaign

Experience the joy of sharing this season by participating in our Shoes For All Campaign.

Winter is coming! And so is the time to spread smiles on the faces of the poor and the needy. PatnaBeats has always been associated with something innovative and this time, we have come with yet another idea to help the poor by providing them with donated footwear, free of cost.

PatnaBeats is a media-house yet it also aspires to work for the society and contribute to the upliftment of the poor and the needy. For this noble job, PatnaBeats has associated itself with ‘Revival Shoe Laundry‘, a footwear laundry store situated at Alpana Market, Patliputra. The store, founded by Mrs.Shazia Quaiser in 2012, deals in all sorts of footwear laundry services.

Mrs. Shazia is also a social activist apart from being a woman entrepreneur, she has decided to go an extra mile in order to help the poor. PatnaBeats and Revival shoe laundry are together organising a footwear donation camp on 5th November  at Gandhi Maidan. The campaign will be sponsored by Dr Akhilesh Kumar singh of Shri Sai Hospital, Kankarbagh who would be sponsoring the expenses incurred in repairing the shoe to donating it to the needy.

In this donation camp, all sorts of shoes would be collected and eventually they would be sent to Revival Shoe Laundry for all the required repairing and would make it like a new one, then, the repaired footwear would be distributed among the poor in the month of December.

The donation camp is being held post Diwali so that this year, people clean their homes with the motive of spreading happiness. The footwear that lay discarded in a corner, we request you to give them away so that, new feet can enjoy donning them. People are free to donate all sorts of footwear and of all sizes. Of course it would be great if the footwears are in a good condition but even if they are not, we request you to give them away because they would be repaired at ‘Revival’ and then donated. We would make sure that every pair is repaired to the best of its capability and the shoes look as good as new.

Those who would not be able to participate in the camp on 5th November are free to contribute by visiting us at below mentioned addresses on any day according to their convenience from 21st of October to 5th November. We would surely be obliged for your effort. Also, people living in different cities, willing to contribute to this campaign can help in shouldering the expenses through the internet by donating here or any other convenient method.

The donation camp is to be held around Diwali so that people can light up someone’s life and not just candles and diyas. December always reminds us of Santa and so, this year, let’s be the poor people’s Santa and give them footwears for safeguarding their feet against the harsh winter.

The footwear that have adorned your feet innumerable times and now lie wasted in your shoe-racks can be the first pair for someone’s feet. We request all of you to participate in this campaign because every contribution counts.

Spread happiness and experience the joy of sharing.

You can donate your Shoes at the below addresses from 21st October to 5th November:

1: Shri Sai Hospital
Plot no DS/2,
Behind Geological Survey of India,
Near Mahendralok Apartment,
Patna, Bihar 800020

2: Revival Shoe Laundry
 Shop No.4, Gupta Market,
Near Alpana Market,
Boring Rd,Patliputra Colony,
Patna, Bihar 800013
#0612 321 4669/

Got no old shoes? Live far away? And have a heart to care, No issues, CLICK HERE :Shoes For All Campaign Shoes For All Campaign

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