The Brain Behind Bihar’s First Shoe Laundry | Shazia Quaiser

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. And it is the outcome of this vision of Mrs. Shazia Quaiser, that helped her establish the first shoe laundry in the whole of Bihar. ‘REVIVAL SHOE LAUNDRY’ inaugurated on 12.12.2012 is the first of its kind in the state capital.
The term shoe- laundry might sound strange to a lot of people. It also may give rise to several questions like ,”What happens in a shoe-laundry?”, “Why do I need to give my shoes in a laundry?” and so on. But such strange questions did not perturb Mrs.Shazia. She was determined to answer all such questions and succeed with her vision.
Shazia Quaiser, who studied physiotherapy at IIHER Paramedical College,Patna, was working as the monitor for  a Polio programme at UNICEF. She had come across an article about a shoe-laundry while studying and since then she had wanted to start a shoe-laundry of her own. The inception of this desire ignited the flame of doing something unique and new, and she began to collect all the information related to shoe-laundries. She continued with her studies and then got married, meanwhile also continuing with her research. When she had conducted all the required surveys, she went ahead with the idea of establishing a shoe-laundry.
‘REVIVAL SHOE LAUNDRY’ is situated at Alpana Market in Patliputra. The term REVIVAL itself explains the motive behind this unique venture.

“We, at Revival Shoe Laundry intend to add life to the shoes and sandles and extend their longevity so that people can enjoy being a shoe-fanatic”, said Shazia Quaiser.

The people are giving a great response and ‘REVIVAL SHOE LAUNDRY‘ has become quiet a success story. But, this success did not come to her all at once. She had to convince the customers and assure them that their footwears were in safe and reliable hands. She faced every challenge courageously and left no stone unturned in catering to the satisfaction of her customers. The result is there to be seen today. the customers who were earlier hesitant in giving a single pair of footwear come with a dozen pairs today. The people who have enjoyed the service at least once, recommend it to their friends and relatives as well and the popularity of ‘REVIVAL SHOE LAUNDRY’ has increased immensely over the years.

At ‘REVIVAL’, all sorts of footwear are accepted for repairing,polishing and other footwear laundry services with free pickup and delivery services. The charges for the provided services range from Rs150- Rs600, depending on the material of the footwear.
Apart from providing footwear laundry services, Mrs.Shazia also desires to help the poor and the needy by providing them with footwear free of cost. And for this, she is planning to organise a footwear donation camp in the near future. Not only this, she also intends to empower the rural and unskilled women by training them in this field and making them self-reliant as well as opening new doors of accomplishment for them. She is also associated with a social activist, Mrs.Savita Ali, who is also a lawyer. Together, they wish to make the uneducated and underprivileged women aware of their rights and have a proper social standing in the society. Her unique venture has not just earned her the title of a successful woman entrepreneur but has also elevated the status of Patna as a developed city.