ShaadiCart, a new StartUp by Biharis for all your Shaadi needs!


ShaadiCart Launches Operations in Patna, Delhi, and Kolkata!

Organizing and managing every aspect of a wedding ceremony in India typically entail monumental workloads. Additionally, these activities involve several days and many people to get the best possible vendor. Sometimes, People end up paying more and getting low quality services despite investing lot of time and effort.

A new startup by three locals is on a mission to solve these problems and to make organizing wedding events easier and stress free.

Introducing ShaadiCart, It caters exclusively to all the things related to wedding ceremony. Right from booking a marriage venue to finding the wedding garlands, ShaadiCart gives information on everything needed for a perfect wedding.ShaadiCart

ShaadiCart has launched operation in Delhi, Patna, and Kolkata with a rapid expansion plan to make weddings easier and simpler to organize.

User can visit , download the ShaadiCart app on android phones , download the ShaadiCart app on iOS phones (releasing soon) and start using the services for free.

Unique platform for wedding specific vendors

ShaadiCart is also the online discovery platform for all wedding specific vendors. With great services, a vendor can be spotted easily by ShaadiCart users. As of now the services are free for vendors.ShaadiCart

ShaadiCart will offer deals and listing of vendors for all wedding related activities and services. Users can get all detail and contact information of the vendors. With ShaadiCart, users can also get/write the reviews about the quality of services.

It is for sure that planning for a wedding ceremony in India would not be same anymore.


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