SAWM organised a workshop in Patna for women in media for strengthening women’s voices

Strengthening Women’s Voices- ‘’Domestic  violence , social norms and Role of Media’, coming along with this agenda a National Workshop was organized in the town on Saturday at Hotel Patliputra Ashok initiated together by OXFAM and SAWM (South Asian Women in Media) .

SAWM is a network of women media professionals in South Asia working  for increased participation of women in media, a gender sensitive work environment in media organizations , and a gender- equal outlook in the media. With this aim, SAWM is working since April 2008 in various South Asian Countries.  The first chapter of this National Workshop entered Bihar in 2011,  after that various places of Bihar had 5  Workshops in total.

The workshop had three sessions along with open discussion and a screening of film ‘The  Velvet Revolution’. The tune of “Vaishnav Jan toh…’’filled the Convention Hall at 10:00 am, with this the first session started. The  inaugural session was executed by the Chief Guest’ Vijay Kumar Chaudhary’, Hon’ble Speaker, Vidhan Sabha , who talked about domestic violence , the media and government  approaches on women issues. Nivedita Jha, President , SAWM, Bihar talked about the journey of SAWM from 2011 ,

“Once we started with SAWM networking, we came across issues where women themselves accepted violence against them, it was a challenge to change this negative mindset, SAWM has reached  out to many places in Bihar and we are thankful to the media women who always gave their support in reaching out such problems.”

She made the attendees shocked with the statistics presented ,”Per year 1600 women die due to violence, which is a huge number than the people dying in any war  “.

The Workshop spotted renowned personalities from Media

Mukesh Bhardwaj, Editor ,Jansatta

Swati Bhattacharjee, General Secretary , SAWM,Senior Editor, Anand Bazaar Patrika

Geeta Shree, Senior Journalist and Author

Neha Dixit , Independent Journalist, NDTV (Winner of Chameli Devi Award)

Rupa Jha, Head of Indian Language, BBC

One by One they talked about the role of women in media, their own journey  as a journalist, how female issues are handled in media, no positive and negative corners were left untouched.

The 2nd Session  was hosted by Daksha Vaidkar SAWM Secretary and Journalist, Prabhat Khabar, Patna. This section had other group of speakers on Domestic Violence , Social Norms ad Role of Media.

Rajendra Tiwary, Bihar Head, Prabhat Khabhar

Durba Ghosh, Senior Journalist, PTI

Prof Chandan Jha

Shruti Ganapatye, Special Correspondent, Asian Age

Nupur Basu, Executive Producer and Director, ‘The Velvet Revolution’.

The hall had a huge crowd who keenly sticked their eyes and ears to the addressers and speakers, the excitement grew with the 51 minutes film screening ‘ The Velvet Revolution’ directed by Nupur Basu. The film displayed the South Asian Countries and the Media Women Challenges and Growth. The film created a different impact that made audience bind. The 3rd Session anticipated,

Dr Sudha Vergese, Social Worker

Sarda Lahangir, Deputy Editor, Zee Kalinga

Minati Chaklanvis, HOD, Mass Communication. Patna Women’s College

Shailendra, Activist

Raiiv Suman, Activist

Debosmita Bhattacharya, Anand Bazara Patrika

Who one by one sermonized on the Violence against Women, The Role of Media & Law.Students of media, Journalists Social Workers all then participated in an open discussion , they expressed about the cases they came through, they talked about reach  of media on such problems.

Komal, A PWC Student of Mass Communication felt to be the part of this workshop,

‘’As the budding journalist or student, we need more such workshops to make crystal clear , to know the reality and thus we use the power of pen to eradicate it’. 

Though lot more is needed to be changed when we talk on these concerns, yet we can say OXFAM and SAWM is mutually making great changes possible. Needfully, the outrage should be worked upon and as quoted by SWATI BHATTACHARJEE, Anand Bazaar Patrika,’’ Don’t let this workshop become an another workshop”.


Photo Courtesy: SAWM Facebook page

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