Satwik Mishra from Bihar gets REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra

Satwik MishraThe very versatile & spontaneous Satwik Mishra has received the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra for his commendable work for the society. 

He has received the fellowship on the 27th of November in Gurgaon at the exclusive awards function which is a part of “iCONGO’s REX Conclive, organized on 25th, 26th and 27th of November 2016. REX is Latin for KING and REX conclive was the king of all good thought leadership for CHANGE conclaves (with an eclectic mix of “ROCKSTAR SPEAKERS”, cause related performers, short film screenings & awards) where ideas speak out to encourage proactive action to change our world.

The whole idea of the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP (RKGF) is to recognize people who have the courage of conviction to think differently and walk the path less trodden and to act on alternative/ innovative ideas which may make a difference in our world. We also believe that every human being has a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a champion of change and a teacher within her or him and only a few people acknowledge and awaken this power within, to help inspire the change.

satvik Mishra

REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS are people who have the intent to make a difference and/ or are already making a difference by being voices of conscience and trying to make a difference in our world with their significant actions to be the change. We firmly believe at RKGF that to change the world we must first change ourselves and then help inspire the change with everyone we meet, know, work and live with. This is the bedrock of the fellowships and is based on this thought by REX founder Jeroninio Almeida “I believe that everyone is a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a teacher and a champion of change. All we need to do is acknowledge and understand this and then help others to also understand the same. That’s all it takes to be a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a teacher and a champion of change.”
RKGF helps life-changing innovators from around the globe to integrate within the REX and Karmaveer community. It helps them share their impactful ideas for action with a million audiences and transform lives through projects and ideas of hope. The idea is to bring together like minded, socially responsible individuals who have a desire to learn more, be more and do more to make a difference.

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Karmaveer Chakra is the National Medallion of honour for proactive voluntary citizen action to Be & Lead the Change. These awards were instituted with a simple passion mantra – to recognize real life unsung heroes who believe ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’. 

Satwik Mishra

These chakras recognize and applaud the social commitment of concerned individuals, who have proactively and voluntarily worked for bringing a positive transformation in the society and the world we live in. In today’s world where there is huge apathy & indifference, we feel a paramount need for being not just a good person but also a good citizen who exercises her/ his rights, duties & responsibilities as a concerned, just and humane citizen. 

Satwik Mishra got rewarded with RKGF and Bronze Karmveer Chakra for his service to the society. Satwik has worked in rural areas of Odisha under SBI Youth for India fellowship last year, in education sector. His effort to set up digital science library and provide computer literacy to the students benefited more than 500 tribal students of Odisha.

We congratulate Satwik Mishra for possessing the conviction and compassion to stand up, speak out and lead the change with his/her positive attitude! The management of REX, which has selected his/ her nomination after thorough due diligence said that they were glad to have found a true champion of social justice issues and wish that more and more citizens gave their time, involvement and humane feelings towards addressing social justice issues and being the change and role models for other citizens to follow.

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