“Sattuz” founded with a vision to make global brands from rural Indian villages

Sattu is a food of Bihar, we Biharis eat Sattu in many ways. From using it in the famous dish litti, making Rotis to drinking it as refreshment, Sattu has been a life saviour as an instant supplement on many trips. Sattu is carried by Biharis outside the state too, we usually use it as our instant satiate to hunger. But getting an idea to start a business of Sattu while having it sounds unique.

On the day of Satuan Parv of 2018, Sattuz -desi superfood was launched by Gorural Foods & Beverages in 2018. After the research of 3-4 years, Sattuz came as a brand which produces ready to use Sattuz drink in three flavours-

  • Jal Jeera
  • Sweet
  • Chocolate

We are fond of drinking the Jal Jeera flavoured Sattu, sometimes we must have tried the sweet flavoured too. The chocolate sattu is an experimented taste which is in demand by the other state people and is loved mostly. Sattuz pack is easy to carry and travel food. This has been produced for office goers, hostel students and travellers so that the instant hunger gets good fulfilment. It is healthy, nutritious and traditional Bihari food that has lesser recognition in the market.

Sachin Kumar (left) gifting Sattuz to Shri Pratap Sarangi(Right)(Minister of State in Government of India for MSME, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries)

“Sattu is something everyone of every age love to have, its good for health, its plain food and easy to prepare. Its demand is high and overall it is a versatile food. The final product should be such that people in the western states should know about it” said Sachin Kumar, founder of Sattuz, on asking about why he chose sattu as a product for the business.

Earlier Sachin was doing a job in Mumbai, but there was always a captivation to represent Bihar globally. Once he went to Nepal with his brother carrying sattu packed in his bag and realized that the other people are carrying the same. Just the drawback it has was of no proper packaging. From there the idea popped of bringing sattu in sashes and sell it as a ready to drink product.

“Brand makes a difference, today we have many brands selling wheat flour and we trust them. Bringing Sattuz was to build a brand for our favourite food supplement. We maintain high quality and hygienic package to keep the trust of customers. Other than Bihar, UP and Bengal, people at other places are unaware of Sattu. Visualizing this market gap, we wanted to reach this to all over India as Brand”.

Talking about challenges, Sachin said,

“Gujarat, Maharashtra has a high-income population in India and people are unaware of Sattu. So the basic thing was to work on the presentation, marketing and branding, We started working on the presentation of this ‘Made in Bihar’ product. Our motto was to make the quality of “Made in Bihar” as the benchmark.” 

Indian Angel Network, a pioneer in the seed and early-stage investing, has recently invested in Sattuz.  Owned and operated by Gorural Foods & Beverages, this Bihar-based brand is facilitating improved access to the goodness of foods and beverages of rural India for the global consumer base comprising new-age, health-conscious individuals.  IAN investors Hari Balasubramanian and Vikas Kuthiala led the funding round and will join the company board at Sattuz post investment.

According to the startup, the non-alcoholic beverage industry currently stands at over Rs 200,000 crore and Sattuz – on the back of its nutritional benefits and ease of transportation – is well-placed to disrupt this high-value market. The company is targeting to capture 1-2 percent of market share over the next five years. Gorural Foods & Beverages claims to be the first startup from Bihar, which has received investment from IAN and some members of BIA (Bihar Industries Association).

Sattuz is currently managed by Sachin and his family members. In which they look after the outside delivery as well as manage the online orders. Today Sattuz is available on many online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Sattuz has been tried and researched in the International market too. The work to launch in other countries is still going on. The future goals of Gorural Foods & Beverages are to bring more traditional Bihari foods in a presentable manner and let the world taste the flavours of Bihar.

People reviewing sattuz-

“Sattuz is one of the few energy drinks I have tried that actually does give you a quick boost of energy. The flavour is nice. I usually dont drink sattu but this product has Great taste”.- Alka Rashi, Patna.

“A very healthy drink. I like the sweet flavour of it. The packaging is really nice, Especially very useful when you are travelling. I would highly recommend it for people travelling with kids. You won’t have to worry about giving them outside unhygienic food, just one pack of sattuz and you are done for one meal. Thanks sattuz for bringing up such an amazing homely food into the marketplace”.-Rojalina Nanda Pati , Rourkela

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