Saket Bairoliya | The rising voice from Bihar, entertaining the nation

Saket Bairoliya | The rising voice from Bihar, entertaining the nation

Saket Bairoliya who is presently making a mark for himself in the film industry with his songs in the movie Sarkar 3, hails from Bihar. Born in Darbhanga, Saket had his schooling from a boarding school. He later went on to Mumbai for persuing LL.B and as Mumbai is considered to be the city of dreams and opportunities, it gave Saket the opportunity to realise his dream of becoming a singer. Belonging to a non-musical background, Saket was always a bit apprehensive in persuing music as a full time career but the singer in him always kicked him to give it a try and now, there’s no looking back for him.

“Singing has always been my passion and I always wanted to be a musician and now that I am able to follow my passion, I feel that I was always destined to be a musician,” says Saket, who has done his B.Music in Vocals.

Saket belongs to a non-musical background but despite this, his passion and determination encouraged him to give a shape to his dreams and so, he even trained in Indian Classical with Pt. Raja Ram Shukla and Pt. Bhavdeep Jaipurwaleji.

Apart from commercial singing, Saket has a hoard of devotional songs and bhajan shows to his credit. Interestingly, he actually started his career by singing devotional songs.

Once, while he was recording some devotional songs, some of the composers heard him and said that he should try for commercial singing. That is when he started searching for work in films and tv serials.

Saket has lent his voice to a number of songs in both films and tv serials. Some of them are the Jaagran song in Fukrey, Bawre Naina in the movie Bandook, Saam Daam and Shakti Hai in Sarkar 3, Mait Koda Re of the National Award winning movie Mithila Makhaan alongwith the title tracks of tv serials like Ek Hazaron Me Meri Bahna Hai, Badi Devrani and Saraswati Chandra among others.

He feels great on being a part of the film industry. He believes that life is a constant source of challenges and everyday is a source of learning. One should embrace these challenges with open arms and try to overcome them by the dint of diligence and patience.

On being asked as to what take does he have on Biharis and Bihar, he very proudly says, ” Well I take great pride that I am from Bihar. I love the music, the culture and the different languages of Bihar. Whether it is the writing of Vidyapathi or the rich and ethnic voice of Sharda Sinha. People from Bihar are really hard-working and have excelled in different fields all over.”

Saket has become a prominent voice of the industry now and there’s no doubt that he is going to excel all the more in coming future. The message that he gave for all the youth is that if they have a dream, they should chase it. And in life, there is no substitute for patience and hard work. This is the simple mantra that he believed in and the results can be seen by everyone.

Saket Recently sang Sonwa Ke Pinjara, a contemporary version of 55 year old classic: 


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