Robotic Tablets to be used in 100 government middle schools of Aurangabad

100 government middle schools of Aurangabad district of Bihar will now become hi-tech by using robotics tablets. This new initiative by the central government in government middle schools will be a learning experience for the students of Kutumba and Aurangabad Sadar Block.

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These areas are categorized into Naxal affected areas, through these technique children would learn to use robotic tablets through voice search and they would spontaneously get replies to their queries. The teachers of the selected schools are been given training for the effective use of tablets.

Aurangabad district education officer Mohammed Aleem quoted, “Queries of students in 13 inspirational districts including Aurangabad district of Bihar would be replied speedily through robotic tablets so that they could be updated in the field of science quickly and also to make them hi-tech.”
He further added, ” Teachers will be trained to use these tablets in a better way. These tablets would prove a boon for students studying in the rural belt of the state and could perform well in the competitive examinations.”

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According to many types of research, different kinds of robots are being incorporated into education. They range from simple “microprocessor on wheels” robots (boebot) to advanced toolkits, (Mindstorms) to humanoids (robots that resemble humans).

[divider]Also Read- Are you a Graduate Constituency Voter?All you need to know about MLC Graduate Constituency[/divider] The choice of the robot is usually dictated by the area of study and the age group of the student.
Smaller robots or toolkits are particularly used to teach robotics or computer science. These toolkits can be physically manipulated allowing students to learn a variety of disciplines across engineering. However, the human-like shape of humanoids makes them easier to interact with, and for this reason, are often used for language lessons. But Bihar is accepting the Robotic Tablet which will be a tab screen, on which a student can ask a question and they will receive an instant reply with proper description to their query. This would make learning easy and fun, will attract more students to come to school and study.

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