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RJ ShrutiPatna, these days, is brimming with talented people in every stream. And RJ Shruti, the city’s one of the most talented RJs is among them. We got an opportunity to strike a conversation with this vivacious character and took her views on breaking the stereotypes and establishing her identity as an RJ. Shruti remained as candid as ever, exuding an energy level that is highly contagious. Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation with her.

Tell us a few things about your early life.

RJ Shruti: Well to begin with, my native place is Aarah and I was born in Sasaram at my maternal grandmother’s place but we have always lived in Patna. I had my schooling from Mt. Carmel High School and then I completed my graduation from Patna Women’s College in Mass Communication. I later on went to Delhi for my P.G. which I believe brought a major change in my life.

Who are there in your family? Did you have to face any obstacles in convincing your family for perusing a course different from the regular courses?

RJ Shruti: At present, there is my mother, my brother, her wife and myself. My father was a Range Officer in the Forest Department. I am the youngest one in the family. My family has always been very supportive and appreciative of me. I used to be very fascinated when my brother used to go to school when we were kids, I used to accompany him and sit outside his class. I was a very studious child since the beginning but eventually, my inclination towards Humanities grew and I opted for Mass Communication in my graduation. My family supported me but when I had to go to Delhi, I actually had to fight with them and then it all ended up well and I finally pursued my Masters from Amity University.

RJ ShrutiHow did you land up as an RJ?

RJ Shruti: After completing my Masters, I returned to Patna and then I started anchoring on Doordarshan for 1.5 years. One of friend recommended me to audition for Radio Mirchi. I came and inquired from the guard if there was any vacancy. I was lucky enough as auditions were going on so I went with my resume and auditioned. I did not even have the faintest idea that I would get selected because people were sitting there after clearing out two rounds and I had just arrived. For the final round, all of us had to go to Kolkatta. Over there also, I got selected and ultimately landed up with this job and began my journey as an RJ on 24th March, 2015.

How does it feel to reach out to the masses? Do you feel like a celebrity?

RJ Shruti: It feels great. People now know me and remember my voice. There is excitement mingled with nervousness. But now, because of this job, I feel that I have become more responsible and mature. I cannot just speak anything like I used to earlier. I now have to weigh my words keeping in mind the impact that it would have before just blurting out anything. My perspective has also changed.

RJ ShrutiWhat is your take on breaking the stereotypes?

RJ Shruti: I feel amazing working as a Radio Jockey. I believe that every individual has their own passions and there are multiple career options in every stream now-a-days. So, people or parents should not impose their opinion on someone. People should have backup plans but then they should be given the liberty and motivation to strive hard for what they want in the first place. The world is changing and accordingly people should also start broadening their perspectives regarding academics and career choices.

You are a Bihari and you have lived in Delhi for sometime. So do you think that Biharis are stereotyped somewhere? What can we do to change this perspective of theirs?

RJ Shruti: I am a Bihari and I am very proud of who I am. I even had a lot of arguments with people when I was in Delhi regarding this very thing. I think that the Bhojpuri movies that are made today are playing a major role in spoiling the image of Bihar. The kind of vulgar music and videos that these movies have create a very negative image of our state whose culture is so unique that everyone should know about it. Another thing is that Biharis, themselves, should take pride in being Biharis instead of hankering after some other culture. When they would start taking pride in who they are, none would dare to disrespect them.

RJ ShrutiWhat are your future prospects? Do you plan to continue with this job or embark on a new journey?

RJ Shruti: Frankly, I have stopped planning for the future. I have learnt to go with the flow and accept what life offers me. I do not know what it has in store for my for the future but presently, I am very contended with my job and I have no plans of leaving this place any sooner.

RJ Shruti RJ ShrutiTell us the names of any five places in Patna where you would like to take your friends.

RJ Shruti: Well I have got a long list for that. Firstly, there is NIT Ghat. The serenading view of the Ganges is simply ethereal. Then there are the food joints at Maurya Lok. A long drive on the Bakhtiyarpur Highway is a must. Then to Ming’s Chimney for their lip smacking momos. And yes, to the Haj Bhawan area for Gulam Jamun and litti.

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