Read to know what preventions are being taken by restaurants in the time of Corona outbreak feat Cafe Hideout

Read to know what preventions are being taken by restaurants in the time of Corona outbreak feat Cafe Hideout

In our last article about the effects of corona on the hospitality business, we covered the preventive measures that are being enforced by Amalfi Grand. Here in this article, we’ll cover how cafes like Cafe Hideout are fighting against the transmission of the Coronavirus.

These are some of the steps that have been taken for the good:

  • Sanitising the whole premises

Team Hideout makes sure that the whole cafe gets sanitized two-times-a-day. They do it before opening the cafe and after the closing.

  • Crockery Sanitisation

Every single crockery are being sanitised with hot water

  • Staff with personal protective gear

Cafe Hideout has given immense priority to their staff to make sure that they would not be a catalyst in the transmission of COVID-19. They have been given face masks, face shields, and gloves to prevent the air transmission of the virus. They have also been given the training to work in this lately emerged situation. All of the staff have their temperature gets checked in every two hours

  • Customer check-up and sanitisation

Each of the customers has their hands being sanitized and temperature being checked on the                 entrance. If any of the customers have their temperature exceeding 99’C, then he or she is                       prohibited from the premises.

Every table has its separate sanitiser bottle. Cafe staffs make sure that the tables are being sanitised once the customer left the cafe.

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Each of the tables has more than a meter of space between them.
The cafe makes sure that the food remains untouched after cooking and before serving on the table.

They only use quality materials to serve us not just tasty but healthy food. They are using a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite for sanitisation, which is assumed to be the ideal solution for the killing of coronavirus.

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Be cautious before choosing!

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