Read to know about Dr Rushmika Singhla, the first lady doctor to get the license of Cornea Transplant in Bihar

Bihar is developing and outshining its glory by each passing day and a lot of people are behind this. So many recent developments are adding to the grandeur of the state. One such development has happened in the medical sector as Dr. Rushmika Singhla became the first lady doctor who got the license of Cornea Transplant in Bihar.

Dr. Rushmika Singhla runs her clinic, Chandigarh Eye Care in Bhootnath Road, Kankarbagh, Patna. She has applied for this license 2 years ago and at that time no other clinic or doctor in Bihar had this license. Even now, only 2 or 3 clinics and hospitals have this license and Dr. Rushmika is one of them. Dr. Rushmika is the first permanent transplant surgeon who got the license by her own name and herself does the transplant surgery.


Dr. Rushmika Singhla is a Bihari not by birth but by heart. She is from Chandigarh but later got married to Dr. Sharad from Patna, Bihar. Both were in the same batch of MBBS and they gotmarried when they were doing her Post Graduation from a medical college in Bangalore in 2009.


“As my husband is from Bihar, I settled here with him. I did a specialisation in Cornea transplant so I applied for the license but it took around 2 years for getting it. When I came here and started meeting patients, I observed that the awareness level among them is very low towards eye surgeries. But they are very eager and want to know about the process and the treatment. The best part about this cornea transplant surgery is the happiness patients get after getting their eyesight when someone has already told them that they can never see again. That moment of happiness is everything we crave for.”


said Dr. Rushmika Singhla while talking to PatnaBeats.


Before getting this license, Dr. Rushmika Singhla is also doinf the surgery of Steven Johnson Syndrome, since two years which was first of its kind in Bihar. Steven Johnson Syndrome is a rare serious disorder where glands of our body get dried up. It usually happens due to the reaction to medication or infection. She got this patient of Steven Johnson Syndrome around two year ago and his cornea was getting dried up. She did this surgery for the first time and she used salivary gland for the wetness of Cornea. This surgery is very new and being used in the medical world since the last 3 or 4 years only.


“I am suffering from Steven Johnson Syndrome for 6 years. In this disease, the wetness of eyes starts getting dried up and eyesight slowly fades away. In the age of 28, I completely lost my eyesight due to this. Then around two years ago I came to Dr. Rushmika Singhla and she started my treatment and now I’ve got my eyesight back. Though I still cannot see clearly but I can do my own work by myself and that’s a big relief.” said Chandrakant Mani Verma, a patient of Dr. Rushmika.

WIth her new license, Dr. Rushmika Singhla is aiming to help more people by doing more similar surgeries and bringing back their eyesight.

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