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The digital world has captured our lives a lot. We find videos to all our day to day problems and even engage ourselves in learning new things every day. A digital platform is helping new talents come out. We have many YouTube stars and digital creators ruling social media platforms. Young talents from Bihar are no less marked in this ladder of success. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are creating opportunities for such creative minds and they are bringing a whole new concept of content including story series, prank videos, art and craft,  they are even being appreciated by the common public.

Bihar’s YouTube channel ‘Artkala 4 U’ is an online channel featuring all DIY and life hack videos. The videos include tutorials, nail art and other awesome ideas from time to time. The videos are curated to give ideas of life hacks and even transformation of useless and waste materials into something useful and creative. The content is been appreciated and loved by many people just because the tutorials can be tried at home easily.

ArtKala 4 U has  2.79 M family of subscribers on YouTube, 1.5 Million followers’ family on Facebook and 91K family on Instagram . Around 750 videos till date and getting a million views on online platforms. Artkala 4 U is a joint channel by Pawan Kumar, Puja and Sneha who are siblings. The channel was started in 2016 after the marriage of their elder sister, the thought to earn something to lease burden on parents. The siblings researched and found that art and craft could be a good medium to start video tutorials, and then the three started.

You can watch their videos on their YouTube , Instagram and Facebook Page.

“The reason to choose art segment was to create something with least investment at home, and then we chose waste materials and transformed them into something with just 5Rs Fevicol or glue,” said Pawan while talking about his idea with PatnaBeats. He added, “We never has expectations to earn, but we hoped for something good. We earned Rs. 400 in our first month of earning which increased to Rs 2000 and then the pavement was laid to reach high”.

Pawan Kumar is an 18-year-old boy from Patna- Bihar, who started his YouTube channel with his two elder sisters on 25th September 2016. He got his support from his mother who gave him some pocket money to invest in videos. Pawan was in senior secondary when he started working on videos along with his sister Puja and Sneha who were pursuing their graduation at those days. Their father always wanted them to go for conventional jobs like any other family but the dream to do something different instigated the brother and sisters, thus they initiated the video making from their normal cellphones and uploaded on YouTube. Artkala4u has been awarded in 2017 by Andhra Pradesh Government with ‘Best Art and Craft Content Creator’ at SMSUMMIT17 Awards.

“The journey was not easy, my father didn’t want my sisters to move out and pursue any job. But the dream to do this was collectively taken. I was just in Class 8th when we planned to do something like this. After the marriage of my elder sister, our family has to face economic crisis. My other two sisters wanted to work but due to our father’s decision, they had the permission to just go to college. We started researching about what we can start at least of investment at home. My sisters always had interest towards art and designing hacks at home, we planned to go for this genre. Our mother supported us a lot in this journey, and today we have turned this as our full-time profession.” shared Pawan with PatnaBeats.

“That was a motivating and turning moment for us. We belong to a middle-class family and receiving an award on the same stage where Dipika Padukone is also getting awarded was a life-changing moment. It made us work more and create more on digital platforms and we switched to full time. The videos are now uploaded regularly.”- Pawan Kumar

The journey from an art tutorial video of making a table lamp from thermocol cups to having a gold and silver bell button. The team now own an office and is setting up a studio with good equipment of video shoot and editing. The content is being researched regularly and the three team members always strive for new content from daily life. Artkala is the second-largest art content creator worldwide today competing with USA based channel ‘5-minute crafts’ as claimed by the team of Artkala.

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We wish ‘ Artkala 4 u’ to grow more and build a big online family. The easy life hacks content they are creating is giving us hopes that the digital platform can be trustful if worked enthusiastically and differently. Bihar is proud to have such digital creator marking their existence globally.

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