Read 8 facts about famous Maithili Poet, Vidyapati

The ‘Poet Cuckoo of Maithili’  – Vidyapati(1352-1448) is a well-known personality of Bihar. He was an incredible writer, Maithili and Sanskrit poet and outstanding polyglot. He belonged to the period of two mighty kings King Shiv Singh and King Kirti Singh. Also, he has been mythologized in different manners over the last six centuries. Here are some facts about Vidyapati which will enrich your knowledge about this famous Bihari Personality.

–  Vidyapati was born in Bisfi village in district Madhubani district of Mithila region, Bihar. He is also known by ‘Sobriquet Maithil Kavi Kokil’, he used to write in distinct languages like Maithili, Prakrit, Sanskrit.

– Some of his most recognizable love songs are of Radha and Krishna, other than that Bhagwatti  Geet and most importantly Maithili songs of Shiva are still very famous.

-He was a fountain of tremendous knowledge, he accomplished success by letting himself learn a variety of subjects, adding to this  he also wrote on topics like ethics, history, geography and law which includes Bhu-Parikarama(it let us know about local geography at that time), Likhnabali( is about writing) Danavakyavali is about charity.

– His writing pieces are in Sanskrit- Saivasarvasvahara., Durgabhaktitarangini
In Maithali- Padmawali ( Radha Krishna Love tales)
In Avhatt- Kirttilata, Kirttipataka( was written in King Kirti Singh’s period).He wrote 27 poems and many stories which got translated and republished again by many famous writers like Purusa Pariksa(moral teaching)  which includes 25 stories.

-He even influenced the kinds of literature like Odia and Bengali through which Rabindranath Tagore was very much swayed by him.

-It is said that he had a heavenly connection with Gods and had an encounter with Lord Shiva, it is also known that Shiva got so much impressed by his bhakti so he came to Vidyapati and served him as a servant for few days.

– Vidyapati has been given 16 titles including Navkavi, Khelan, Kantahaar, Kavi Ranjan, Abhinav Jaydev, Kavi Shekha. He was a very witty poet and advisor in the kingdom of king Kirti Singh.

– He spent most of his life in exile. During his second exile period, he died in Janakpur, Nepal.

- Riya Ritu Jha, PatnaBeats

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