Read 5 facts about the ‘First Bird Conservation Reserve of Bihar’

Gogabeel Lake is an ox-bow lake and one of the largest wetlands of Bihar. It has been declared as Bihar state’s “First Bird Conservation Reserve” on 8th August 2019. It is situated in Amdabad block of Katihar district of Bihar. It is considered as one of the exotic tourist places in Bihar. Here are some facts you must know about:

Gogabeel Lake

1.     It is also known as the “Bird Paradise Of Bihar”. It is assumed that more than 90 bird species have been recorded from this lake. And about 300 migratory birds come to the lake from Caspian sea and Siberian region during monsoon and winter season. During the peak rainy season and floods, the lake communicates to the river through channels and tributaries.

Gogabeel lake

2.     The Area of the lake is about 217 acres and its extent is 5 km by 1 km, out of which 143.84 acres is purely lake belonging to the government of Bihar under thana no. 252 and Mouza Jangalatal.


3.     Eurasian spoonbill, Bar-headed goose, Indian spot-billed duck, Pin-tailed snipe, Jack Snipe, Eurasian coot, Greylag goose, Red-crested pochard, Gadwall, Western marsh harrier, and Pallas are some of the birds found in Gogabeel lake. Other species reported from this site include Black Ibis, Ashy Swallow Shrike, Jungle Babbler, Bank Myna, Red Munia, Northern Lapwing and Spotbill Duck.

Gogabeel Lake

4.     Gogabeel Lake is formed from the flow of the rivers Mahananda and Kankhar in the north and the Ganga in the south and east. It is the fifteenth Protected Area (PA) in Bihar.

Gogabeel Lake

5.     The nearest railways station is Manihari and distance from Katihar Junction is around 25 km. Patna is about 300 km away. The lake is directly linked to a nearby town by a state highway. The boundaries of the protected area of the lake are as follows :

North: Kachha from Kumaripur to Roshna

South: REO Road from Amdabad Mahananda Embankment

West: PWD Road from Manihari to Kumaripur

The national highway no. 31 is about 40km towards North-East of this lake.


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