Raja Bose, a school Principal from Bihar teaching students art of growing crops

  1. Bihar can set some good examples in the list of environmentalist working for change. Raja Bose, an eminent environmentalist from Bhagalpur district of Bihar is the new name in the list. His impressive work for the protection of the environment has caught the attention of many environmental activists. Raja Bose identified as the Principal of New Century School, Bhagalpur. His residence is located inside the school campus, which is densely covered with plants and flowers of many varieties. He teaches his students the art of growing varieties of crops with the utmost perfection.

The environmental epiphany occurred to Bose in 1986, when he was on a sports tour to the ‘Garden City‘ of India, Bangalore. Bose was in Std.VIth at that time and was a national level tennis player, who was representing Bihar.
Little Bose got highly inspired with the densely green city and decided to be the harbinger of change in his city. After coming back, he planted a large variety of flowers including Cacti, Succulents and many seasonal and perennial plants.

Bose’s residence houses 300-400 plant species from all over the world. The most eminent feature of his gardening is that it’s completely organic. He makes compost from the resources around him and uses completely natural and non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Bose’s passion is such that the locals often jokingly say that he is married to his plants. Bose laughs off these jokes and doesn’t let anything come between him and his journey of environmental development.

Bose is a part of many online social media groups, each of which focuses on various plant species. He advises a number of people upon how to grow different plants. Some of these groups have over 10,000 gardening enthusiasts who actively participate in the plant growing discussions.

Raja Bose leaves no stone unturned to optimize his contribution in the most positive way possible. He teaches his students the skill of gardening along with their curriculum. These children are taught in a way that they grow up to be ecologically aware adults. The school campus is filled with greenery that students and parents often remark upon the resemblance of the school Campus to a soothing botanical garden. In his school, he has established an Eco-club named “Live with Nature” to bring the students even closer to the beauty that Mother Nature encompasses.

He believes that the actions taken by him today are paving the way for an ardent impact, slowly but significantly. It is a matter worth noticing as even with the rapid decline in the population of the sparrows in the state, due to the intense planting done by him, a number of sparrows have made nests in his garden.

Raja distributes plants to his students with a view to inspire them for gardening. Raja says,

“When the students take the plants home with a view to nurture them, the idea of gardening is embossed in their impressionable minds. These practices done at a young age go a long way.”

Raja’s idea of a change was made true by his constant efficient efforts. We, at PatnaBeats, are extremely proud of the colossal contribution made by Raja Bose. We are inspired by his commitment and passion for the environment and we wish him the best for his future. We hope Raja’s story motivated you to bring a change in the environmental conditions of your locality too, after all, each drop matters.

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