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These 20 must see pictures of Ganga Ghats will take you to the journey of Calmness.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Every city has some specialty that is engraved in the heart of it. But, there is something more special with the vibes of the cities situated beside The great holy river Ganges, and we are not being unrealistic or biased!

River Ganga brings in the symphony of calmness, away from the monotonous commotion and chaos of the city lives, with a distinctively special aroma you feel as soon as you make it to a Ganga Ghat. Ask anyone in Patna or, anyone from a place beside the great river and you will hear sublimely delightful stories with the Ganga Ghats.

Meeting that best friend after a long time, seeing the beautiful sunrise from the midst of river turning that, spending time with that special one, searching for peace and tranquility or just for the sake of spending some alone time. The image of a Ganga Ghat just popped up in your mind, isn’t it?

We all love our river Ganga and its Ghats as well. We all have some special memoirs down that memory lane which keep on coming every time we are in search of peace and calmness.

So we are about to fuel the forces to open the gates of your memory lane, with some of beautiful and epic photographs of Ganga and Ganga Ghats taken by Animesh Dutta, a Patna native and a full time photographer, whose Instagram bio reads him as ‘Chhora Ganga Kinaarey Waala’!

Symphony of Calmness, away from City’s chaos|

Ganga Ghats

“Life around Ganga is a medley of all the colors of life. Everything in and around Ganga is simply majestic. Be it sounds of oars, the fisherman throwing his fishnet with all his might in the warm breezy sunset, birds taking playful dips, or be it just a group of kids enjoying by the river. The peace and the breeze that reaches your soul completes you, while sitting on the Ghats” says Animesh Dutta, when asked about his love for Ganga Ghats. He says that it might be just a river for many, but it is much more than that. It holds beauty in all its forms and that is what attracts him to Ghats of Ganga, both as a person as well as a seasoned photographer.

You can often find Animesh on the ghats, capturing the beauty of ghats in its true essence. He is more than happy to share his experience and stories with such a subtlety that can make you feel at ease. And don’t forget to connect to him the next time you’re at a Ganga Ghat in Patna.

Made you nostalgic, didn’t we? Sure as hell we did!

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