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Golghar | The Granary

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

None would ever had the thought of an under construction giant granary to evolve as a monument of symbolic imminence and importance back in 1780s.

To curb out the devastating famine of 1770, this giant dome shaped (stupa shaped) granary was built, irrespective of the thought of projecting it as a symbol of importance and identity.

Yes, you guessed it right! The granary being talked out here is none other than our very own Golghar!

The Golghar which is situated near the Gandhi Maidan in Patna was built by Captain John Garstin, in 1786 as a granary NOT for commoners as a curative measure of the severe famine that India faced in 1770 that killed 10 million people in Bengal and Bihar. India at that time was a British colony and the then Governor General of India, Warren Hastings ordered the construction of this building to store grains for the British Army (not for the starving Indians).

This Golghar has gradually transformed into the symbolic structure for Patna and holds a great importance in the itinerary of the sightseeing in Bihar as well.

This 29 meter high architectural marvel, with the diameter of around 125 meters has no pillars from inside and is able to hold 140000 tons of grains with a wall thickness of 3.6 meters at the base. The Golghar has a 145 step spiral staircase around the building through which one can go on to the top of the structure. The stairs were designed in such a way to facilitate the passage of the workers who loaded and unloaded the grain is the granary, who had to carry grain-bags up one flight, deliver their load through a hole at the top, and descend the other stairs. From the top, one can witness the beautiful panoramic of the holy Ganges and the city of Patna, obviously.

In spite of its massive grain storage capacity, Golghar has never been filled to its maximum capacity and there are no plans to do so. The reason for this is said to be a flaw whereby the doors are designed to open inwards. Thus, if it is filled to its maximum capacity, then the doors will not open.

Presently renovation of this historical monument is underway which was started duly in the year 2002.

As a part of beautification and modernization, the Golghar premises has been developed with greenery and ample seating arrangement along with some entertainment facilities as well which includes newly started Laser Show in the premises itself.

If you happen to visit in and around Bihar, visiting Golghar is highly recommended.

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