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Chanakya- The Pioneer of Political Science and Economics in India

Chanakya was one of the greatest teachers in history. He taught economics using his seminal treatise the Arthashastra which lays out economic, political and administrative policies, and military strategies. He had mastered his field and his virtues are still followed by today’s youth. Being a scholar, economist, jurist and philosopher, he was also a professor, mentor and advisor of Chandragupta Maurya. He played an important key role in the establishment of the Maurya dynasty. Chanakya was a worldwide-recognized teacher, who played a prominent role in formation of Mauryan Dynasty of Bihar. Here are some of his unique characteristics –

1. At a very early age, Chanakya started studying the Vedas. The Vedas were considered to be the toughest scriptures to study and analyze. His acumen and shrewdness were apparent. He was a student of politics right from his childhood itself. He was known as a masterful political strategist. He knew how to plant his people in the opposite camp and spy upon the enemy without their knowledge, before destroying him forever.

2. He was educated at the Takshashila University, one of the topmost universities of the time. Takshashila University was well-versed in teaching the subjects using the best of practical knowledge acquired by the teachers. The minimum age of entering university was sixteen. The branches of studies most sought after in around India ranged from law and medicine to warfare and other indigenous forms of learning. The four Vedas, archery, hunting, elephant-lore and 18 arts were also taught at the Takshashila University.

3. Chanakya’s ambitions took flight when he was insulted by the emperor of the Nanda dynasty, who ruled the Magadha kingdom in India. At that time, Magadha was the most prominent empire in India while other parts were separate states. Taking the insult to his heart, Chanakya became an ally of Chandragupta Maurya who had been exiled from the Nanda family.

4. Apart from that, Chanakya had even studied the Shastras and compiled them in multiple life lessons. He was the author of two books namely “The Arthashastra” and “Chanakya-Niti or Chanakya’s Niti Shastra”. The Arthashastra was written in Economics. The policies discussed in it are still relevant whereas Chanakya’s Niti is a collection of his aphorisms.

5. After acquiring vast knowledge in various branches of study he wanted everybody to get benefited. He believed in the broadcasting of knowledge and not in its storage. He was variously referred to, by different people, namely – Vishnugupta, Kautilya and Chanakya. The whole nation was bewildered by the cleverness and wit of this seemingly small boy who went on to single-handedly unify the country with the sheer power of his character. He lived his life working to his capacity in pursuit of his vision of a happy strong and prosperous India.

His guiding principles are the secret to living a prosperous life, only if one focuses on following them. As the centuries have progressed, researchers have described Chanakya as an uncommon driving force who turned into a specialist in fields as administration, financial matters, governmental issues, military strategies, law, authority, administration, administration, bookkeeping framework and others.

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