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Bihar’s legacy echoes in the United Kingdom

In an ironic twist of events, one would say that the victim has become the victor, not only did the world witness an Indian origin Rishi Sunak take over the role of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the year 2022, the world evidences yet another testimony of the Indian legacy. As the Labour Party wins polls in the 2024 UK general election it couldn't get rid of the legacy that we Indians carry.

Bihar’s Kanishka Narayan has emerged victorious in the recent election securing a Parliamentary seat in Wales. Hailing from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where he spent his formative years, Narayan’s childhood was significantly influenced by his upbringing in a family of public servants and educators, presumably inspiring him to serve the public. Amusingly, Narayan’s grandfather, Krishna Kumar is the reputed founder of SKJ Law College!

He later relocated to the United Kingdom and pursued his studies at the prestigious Eton and Oxford University, leading him to join the British Civil Services, which deepened his understanding of public administration and governance equipping him for his future pursuit. When the 2024 UK general election was announced Narayan made the courageous decision to resign from his position as a public servant, and run for office of Parliamentarian.

His relentless dedication to the campaigning, was evident by his commitment to mingle with the people which could be seen as he visited community centers with active participation and presence at public forums reflected his political vision of unity in diversity, helping bridge the cultural gap aligning with Labour Party’s view of social equality and inclusion.

Kanishk Narayan’s historic victory’s celebration echoed from UK to India, as jollifications erupted back home in Muzaffarpur filled with joy and pride. Narayan’s victory is not just testimonial to Bihar’s legacy but also serves as an inspiration for the young to pursue their dreams and aspirations transcending social barriers and obstacles


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