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Advantages of Installing a Lithium Battery at Your Home and Business

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Lithium-ion batteries are the new tech in town and are considered much more efficient than lead-acid batteries. Their fast charging and high energy discharge make them perfect for delivering exceptional power during an outage.

One can realise how powerful they are by the fact that they are behind some of the class-leading electric cars, SUVs, and trucks that have proven to be at par with their gas-fueled counterparts; however, they are much more efficient and environmentally friendly. In a way, it is the future of battery technology that is not only powering vehicles but also our homes and offices, as newer generation inverters are being built from the ground up to include inbuilt lithium-ion batteries for an increase in power and efficiency.

In this article, we will look at a few of the advantages of installing a lithium battery in your home and commercial spaces!

Long Life and Zero Maintenance Lithium-ion batteries come with at least 5 years of service life, however, they don’t require any kind of maintenance unlike lead-acid batteries that require frequent water top-up and maintaining proper acid levels, among other requirements. This makes the former a much more efficient and cost-effective solution for your power backup requirements. There is only a one-time cost attached to it, and you won’t need to spend on actively maintaining the battery throughout its lifecycle.

Exceptional Power Delivery Its high power density is capable of releasing exceptional bursts of energy and is optimized to quickly charge your smartphones, laptops, etc. Moreover, this high- power delivery is great at running appliances that require more power to run efficiently.

Stores More Energy A lithium-ion battery, thanks to its high energy density design, packs more power compared to an acid-lead battery. This gives you more backup time while saving on electricity bills thanks to its quick charging capabilities coupled with minimal loss of stored energy when not in operation.

Compact and Lightweight It carries half the mass of a similarly powered lead-acid battery, making it a highly compact and lightweight battery type. This ensures that the battery doesn’t need much space to be stored while offering more efficiency even despite its small footprint.

Fast Charging High Discharge This is what differentiates this battery from other battery types out there. The ability to fast charge and offer a high discharge of energy providing incredible performance even under the most testing conditions.

Safest Battery Type A lithium-ion battery is considered to be the safest option available today. There is little to no risk of short-circuits, overheating, overcurrent, or explosions in these batteries. Moreover, they are also the safest battery choice for running expensive and sensitive appliances as there is no risk of damage to them from these batteries due to the efficiency with which they operate.

Lithium-ion batteries are relatively new and are still a bit expensive compared to lead-acid batteries; however, if you are someone who values style and substance, the lithium-ion battery-powered inverters are the right option for you.

They come in multiple design options that will add to the overall ambience of your home and make heads turn because some of them look like fancy gadgets from the future and hardly resemble an inverter at all. If you don’t believe us, then check out Luminous’ latest inverter models powered by this incredible battery technology, and you will soon become a believer. If you are looking for a new inverter that’s future-proof, offers foolproof safety features, and has absolute value for money, then you should definitely consider buying a lithium-ion battery-powered inverter. For a one-time investment, you will be bringing home a power backup unit that’s not just big on style but substance as well!

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