Patna’s yearly budget increases 8 times, focus lies on infrastructure development

Patna Municipal Corporation has initiated the new financial year with a boon for people of Patna. The last few months under Patna Municipal Corporation policy has been growing and blooming with waste management work and cleanliness all around. The Budget 2019-20 is about to fix many other problems Patna has been facing since long, including public facilities and infrastructure. Budget 2018-19 was around 500 crores last year which is now extended to eight times this year estimating a rate of 4064.57 crores. Patna Municipal Corporation has specifically looked upon upgrading the common public facilities and abolishing the problems they have been facing in their daily life.

Patna Municipal Corporation is looking forward to bring new parks with open gyms, public libraries, public swimming pool, and commercial complex, and malls, multiplex, free Wi-Fi zone. The waterlogging problems will be looked upon and a major section of the budget is passed to clear the sewage and to ensure a proper drainage system. The basic amenities include the cleanliness of drainage system, construction and maintenance of roads. The water supply holds a budget of 653.53 crores along with the street light installation in every area under PMC. Holding the more in the list adding a quality check lab 

  • Welcome Gate at various places
  • Playground
  • Extension of footpath
  • Ganga Riverfront
  • Multi-level Parking

Hoping for a good remark in the Housing and Commercial Project, the total budget shares along various Slum redevelopment, Housing plans, residential area development, mall construction and hostel projects, complexes. We are now with a happy smile to see a good portion of the budget included for Public facilities like public toilets, parking, clubhouse, public library, open gym, free Wi-Fi zone, mobile health care and schools, Cremation Houses, rainwater harvesting along with a town hall. 

PMC has also changed the development of wards in a decentralized way including the community halls, Night shelters with a good facility and service made for the common public who come from other places to stay for a day or so. New wedding zones cover 150 crores budget under the ward development project. Other than this, 150 crores budget is indulged for the Ward councillor recommendation. Patna Municipal Corporation has also thrown light towards slaughterhouses too. The whole budget is ward friendly and the public facility has been taken into more consideration.

The citizen friendly and Public accessible budget opens up from this financial year 2019-20 making more good things to come for Patna and expecting changes in common public facilities. Mayor Sita Sahu comes with the new budget quoting

‘I hope that 2019-20 budget under Patna Municipal Corporation will bring a historic change and we are looking forward to fulfilling the dream of Honourable Prime Minister of making Patna – a smart city along with completing the policy of  Urban Development under Chief Minister’s determining project. ‘


We hope that this year’s budget of Patna Municipal Corporation brings more cleanliness and hygiene to the city.

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