More Such Drives | Before it’s Too Late!

Why are trees so important? It reduces the impact of air pollution, resist natural calamities like flood, cleans the air we breathe in, provides us shadow, fruits etc. and the list goes on and on. And yet it didn’t fall in our list of priorities as cleanliness does.

The Earth has approximately 420 trees per human presently. But this is 46% less what was in the beginning of human civilization (As per research and data by Yale University). The number of trees required per person differs with various studies around the globe. We haven’t still concluded with the exact numbers. However it ranges from 22 to 65.

Trees clear carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A human being in a single day on a scientific note utilizes 250ml of oxygen per minute, 15 L of oxygen every hour and 360 L of oxygen every day. India has 35-billion tress for its population of 1.3 billion that reduces the number to around 28 trees per person. In comparison, Brazil has 1494 trees, Canada has 8953, China with 102 and US with 761 trees per person. Where as the largest populous country in world, Russia also has 4461 trees per person as per 2014 survey. The number says it all and recent changes in climatic condition and global warming should make us realize that ‘we have messed it, already’.

Next time you complain of too much heat, remember it’s because of those papers you wasted, the tress you cut for those malls and the trees which you should have planted but didn’t. Remember, the cool those extravagant malls, your home and office cooling system provides are temporary. What trees would provide is long lasting.

Plantation drive

On this world environment day, Sajal Foundation (an NGO) has initiated to take up to this problem and organize a Plantation Drive. This drive would commence on 26th of June that also falls to be ‘Van Mahotsav’ and will continue till 2nd of July 2016 in Daudnagar (Bihar).
The objective behind this drive is to plant saplings around the town and motivate the Youth and the Society to be an informative and responsible caretaker of those saplings till its full growth.

We are trying to involve school and college going students so that they can see their plants while going to their institution and take care of iit. It will also make them emotionally attach to plants.
-Ashutosh Kumar, Founder of Sajal Foundation

Hundreds of volunteers from school and colleges are participating in this event and for encouragement every one participating and planting would be given a T-shirt quoting “I have planted a tree” would be provided on behalf of the Organization. This drive would cover plantation around various attraction and important places around the town including Block Office and near Surya Mandir.

This drive is going to be inaugurated by local SDM, DFO and SDFO with the prior authorization by Forest Department. This event also includes Fancy dress competition and Painting Completion keeping in view the theme of Environment and Plantation.

Planting one tree means planting a whole living system. Apart from providing oxygen and clean environment, trees also play an important role in controlling temperature. People should come up with such initiatives and we are always there to support them.
-Sudhir Kumar Karn, Divisional Forest Officer Aurangabad

We at PatnaBeats, being associated with this drive as a media partner, request everyone at Daudnagar or around the town to participate in the drive and make it a successful event. And if you are unable to participate in this drive, plant a tree around wherever you are that will fulfill and support the objective of the Foundation.