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These 31 pictures of Rohtasgarh will make you want to visit the place

Bihar is a land where cultures have evolved and religions emerge.
The history of Bihar is believed to have roots back to the breaking down of civilizations in India.
One among the various monumental heritage, describing the rich culture as well as architectural beauty of Bihar, Rohtasgarh fort is still standing on the top.

On the bank of Son river,  encircled by great canyon, with beautiful landscapes and alluring waterfalls, this massive fort was centre of power for Bihar-Bengal-Odisha, i.e East India region till British era.

Though the early history of Rohtasgarh is still obscure. But Local legends says that the modern days Rohtas hill is named after the Rohitasva, the son of legendary king Harischandra, and same is confirmed in Harivansh Puran. Apart from this there is no historical evidences to relate the existence of early king Rohitasva with the fort.  At different era different rulers like Sher Shah Suri, Raja Man Singh ruled from this inaccessible, formidable and arduous fort, and hence the fort now represents the perfect blend of Pukhtun and Hindu architecture and culture.

Though the Fort is neglected and was forgotten by the mainstream tourists, due to unwanted reasons. But with the great efforts by the officials and locals this fort again became accessible for travelers. With little bit of infrastructural development and proper promotion, this fort will sure regain its centuries old position and shine as a star in the monumental world.

Here are the pictures of Rohtasgarh or Rohtas Fort: 

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