See Pics: Nalanda Mahavihara, an architectural marvel, will take you back in time

Nalanda Mahavihara, a large Buddhist monastery, is an architectural marvel as well as was most publicly acknowledged centre of learning for centuries, that spread the teachings of Buddha to the world especially the Southeast Asia.

The excavated ruins of Mahavihara, measuring an area of around 12 hectares, comprises of 10 temples, 8 individual compounds, classrooms, meditation halls, parks and wells. It is believed that, this residential school having more than 2,000 scholars and 10,000 students from far off places including China, Japan, Turkey, Persia, Korea, Tibet and Indonesia attended the Mahavira.

These remains were deserted about 700 years ago and then buried under the earth for almost 500 years still the moments seem to be frozen in time and things are intact. The exposed structure is a small part of a very large heritage still buried under hundreds of villages, therefore it needs conservation and proper interpretation, so that we can tell the world what these seemingly inanimate structures represent.

Seeing its importance, it has been rightfully nominated for the world heritage status, to protect and conserve the long-lived culture and traditions and maintain its authenticity.

See and experience the grandeur of Nalanda University, which was once giver of knowledge to the world, even in deserted condition through these photographs.


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