Patna’s Shrini Singh | Most charming face – Mrs. India Earth 2016

In conversation with Mrs. Shrini Singh

Shrini singh is a marketing manager, a freelance journalist, a daughter, a wife, a mother and the winner of Most charming face- Mrs. India Earth 2016. One can’t help but think, that how does she manage everything?
PatnaBeats got into a conversation with Shrini and asked her a bunch of questions. She answered them elegantly with patience and kept a smile all along. Here is what she said

PatnaBeats: Tell us something about your early life, your family and your upbringing.

Shrini Singh: Well, I was born in Calcutta, did most of my schooling from Patna – DPS, Patna. Then moved around to Rajasthan, Bangalore, Delhi, Manipal, Houston Texas, for studies, work and marriage. Moving around so much has so seamlessly made me love my country so much more.

My upbringing was pretty broad minded – at least that’s what I thought when I was in Patna.  Then I met so many different people from different far off places, and perspectives change! My parents have always loved me insanely and completely supported every decision I made for myself. They are my powerhouse. I believe we never stop growing up, and we as a family are still doing that. Together.

My birth was a medical miracle and family went ecstatic celebrating – and I think they never stopped ever since. I have a younger brother too – I call him my love at sight.

I am forever indebted to them. – If I may add – a typical Bihari family scene

When did you first realize that you wanted to do modelling?

Shrini Singh: Every girl has this desire to be appreciated. In fact, every person seeks admiration, approval – that’s a psychologically proven fact. Women like to be appreciated for beauty – every small girl has this desire. I however, never planned to go this far. And feel blessed to have been given such a beautiful title.

What challenges did you overcome in respect to modelling?

Shrini Singh: Well, to start with – I had stage fear. I mean I could do presentations in corporate meetings very well (hahhah!) but this – in front of a zillion cameras was so different! The contest made me face and defeat a lot of my demons, I must say..

Secondly, I would say it’s high time we stop pushing fishes to climb trees. Our education system and society needs a perspective shift. Career options other than engineering and medical should also be considered. Parents who force their kids into subjects they don’t like should stop doing that. Let the child choose his own path and you will be surprised by how much more s\he can make you proud!

How did you manage modelling on one hand and being wife and mother on other?

Shrini Singh: Being a wife, I would say is like any other relationship – being a sister, daughter, friend – it shouldn’t be viewed as a hurdle. It is very much possible to achieve your dreams after marriage. Just a little will power, self confidence and a happy family around is needed.

About my 2 adopted kids (a boy and a girl), their parents very much live with them. Plus my parents are a great help in their upbrining. I just do whatever is left after all this. Finances, the kids’ complaint management, demand management, etc etc.

When did you take the decision of participating in Mrs. India Earth 2016 and what led to that decision?

Shrini Singh: The society always leads us to think that we, women have no second innings. That our aspirations should die after marriage. I couldn’t disagree more. So I decided to give a good start to my second innings and filled up the form in March, 2016.

What do you think was the main reason for your win?

Shrini Singh: The only and biggest reason for who I am today is my mother. I would be extremely proud of myself if I could ever be even half of a reflection of her. She is my rock, my reason to believe in God and everything nice

Tell us 1 funny incident that may have happened during your run to Mrs. India Earth 2016

Shrini Singh: Ummm.. It was funny to walk around the city (New Delhi) wearing the sash, catching every single eye. I found it funny when we stopped at a red light to cross the road and there was a crowd on the other side clicking pictures. There were many police vans suddenly, all to just have a look. It’s funny how we Indians behave. Always amused and excited!

How did you manage HCL and modelling simultaneously? Did you have to go on LOP (loss of pay)? 

Shrini Singh: Well, I was in an industry which isn’t very well known for it’s interests in beauty and fashion. So I did have to explain my interests a few time. But if it ends well, it’s all well.

Being yourself a Bihari and skillfully so rich, what is your say to stereotypical stance which some people have?

Shrini Singh: Well, just one thing – Please don’t make your children first do engineering, then choose his\her career. We are in an expanding market now, opportunities are increasing. Let them choose where they belong.

What are your future plans? Where will we be seeing you next?

Shrini Singh: I had applied for the contest in the hope that I would be doing some impactful work in the society – social work. I would like to continue with that aim and would love to work with any NGO which is making a difference.

What would be your message/ advise to your juniors from the state who want to walk the same modelling road?

Shrini Singh: Well.. That.. It’s never too late and Don’t settle for less. Keep trying. Don’t work for results, just keep giving in your 100 percent and your day shall come, one day.

What final message would you like to give to your fans?

Shrini Singh: Stay happy. Stay healthy. Stay charming.