Patna’s girl Sampreeti Yadav bags Rs 1.10 crore package at Google

Be it any field, Biharis always make sure to leave a mark and achieve accomplishments worth appreciation. We have got you covered with one such entrance who is making us feel proud by bagging a job at Google with an annual salary package of Rs 1.10 crore. This is the success story of a Bihar’s engineering student who has made her loved ones overwhelmed and extremely proud.
Sampreeti Yadav hails from the city of Patna, Bihar and will be joining Google on February 14, 2022. Her father Ramashankar Yadav is a financial institution officer while her mother Shashi Prabha is an Assistant Director with the Planning and Development division. Sampreeti completed her matriculation from Notre Dame Academy in 2014 with a 10 CGPA. She then cracked JEE-Mains in 2016 after passing the 12th examination from International School, Delhi.
She is said to have always been a bright student. Last year in May 2021, she completed her B.Tech in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University. Post her graduation, she was offered jobs by multiple big brands including Adobe and Flipkart. Out of which, Sampreeti chose to work at Microsoft with an annual package of Rs 44 lakhs. Meanwhile, after acquiring a suggestion about Google, she cleared 9 rounds of interviews and bagged an annual package deal of Rs 1.10 crore.
“Google conducted interviews in 9 rounds at different levels online. The company was satisfied with my answer in each round, following which I got selected”, Sampreeti told a Hindi daily. After being asked what she would do with so much money, Sampreeti mentioned that her job is based out of London so the cost of living would be high. However, she will continue fulfilling her parents’ wishes.
In the end, Samreeti believes in continuous hard work towards one’s goal. She mentions that if one keeps working hard then one shouldn’t be worried about achieving their goal because they will. Patnabeats wishes Sampreeti all the best on embarking this new journey and to have made everyone feel proud and inspired.

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