Patna’s girl gets dowry-greedy groom jailed in Bihar, walks out of marriage

After the bride in rural Patna refused to marry the dowry-greedy boy, her family lodged a complaint with the police, which came and took the groom and his father to the police station

A bride not only walked out of her wedding mandap, but ensured that the groom and his father were detained under police custody for their lust for dowry at Shahpur village under Bikram block of rural Patna, Tuesday evening.

The bride walked out of her marriage after the jaimaal (exchange of garlands between bride and groom in a Hindu marriage) ceremony when she heard the boy’s family haggling with her parents, demanding more money.

What triggered the ugly turn of events was a sarcastic comment when the groom’s father gifted the bride a bronze ornament — dholna (pendant). Usually, one expects it to be of gold.

The taunts and the jibe reportedly ticked off the groom’s father, Ramashankar Chouhan, who began demanding more money. The matter precipitated to such an extent that the bride walked out of the wedding mandap, saying she would not marry a boy whose family was greedy.

When the matter turned from bad to worse, the bride’s family lodged a complaint with the local police, which came and took the groom and his father to the police station.

“He (the groom) would have torture me and continued with his taunts even after marriage, making my life hell,” said the bride, defending her decision to call it quits.

Bride’s relative, Krishna Kumar, said: “The boy’s father began demanding Rs 10,000-20,000 more than what we had already given him.”

The groom and his family had come to the residence of Buddhadev Chouhan, the bride’s father, from Kanti village in Gaya, 165 kms south of Patna, but ended up in the police station.

The groom’s side, however, rubbished the allegations and said that the bride’s family had held them hostage for no fault of theirs before lodging a complaint with the police.

Earlier this month, a man in Bihar’s Samastipur district, 85 km from Patna, was allegedly kidnapped and made to marry his lover after he is said to have insisted for a car and Rs 2 lakh in cash as dowry.

According to a report, 1,154 dowry-related bridal deaths were reported from Bihar in 2015-16. This figure marginally came down to 987 in 2016-17, even as cases registered in women’s helpline went up from 93 in 2015 to 111 in 2016.

Young women have found the courage to stand up to such social evils after chief minister Nitish Kumar, recently embarked on a dowry-less Bihar campaign. He had championed an anti-liquor crusade last year.

Source: Ruchir kumar Hindustan Times


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