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Patnaites share their favourite Eid memory

People around Patna are celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr, one of the holiest occasions in the Islamic Calendar. The day usually involves prayers, big feasts, dressing up, get-togethers, outings and exchanging Eidis.

The best time to spend with friends and family has again been affected by the lockdown induced by the second wave of the Pandemic.

Celebrating Eid in the lockdown brings back memories of the time when Eid used to be about more than celebrations at home. We asked Patnaites about their favourite Eid-ul-Fitr memories and their answers were sweeter than sewaiyaan.

For Syed Faisal Hussain Eid used to be all about clothes. He does miss the fun of shopping clothes and shoes for Eid. Celebrations are a lot about dressing up in new attires.

Syed Faisal Hussain, who is celebrating Eid away from his family, working, this year shares, “As a kid, I used to try my new clothes four to five times a day until Eid. Now, I miss that excitement of festivals.”

Eidi is the highlight of the day, a gift mostly offered in cash by the elders and relatives to their younger ones as a token of love.

Mohammad Ismail Khan, a resident of Sabzibagh feels nostalgic.  He shares “I miss those years when I used to be excited about getting Eidi. Now, in a turn of events, I have to give it to the younger ones. Eid is still beautiful.”

Being grateful is one of the ways one can mitigate the pain of isolation in these tough times, thinks Alia Siddique, a resident of the Police colony. She has been away from her family on Eid for two years.  “I am grateful to have them. I will celebrate this Eid looking at their pictures.”

Nowadays, Eid celebration is more about social media and hashtags. Aaliya Rehman, a personality development coach, misses the old good days without social media. She says “Dressing up and getting permission from the family to roam around in the streets and visit our friends’ places, without the fear of being scolded, is the luxury I miss the most. We used to meet without worrying about selfies and people-pleasing photos for Instagram.

This Eid is going to be different because of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the increased number of covid cases, we need to practice covid-19 appropriate behaviour, get together and outings do not seem fit. For some, it allows more time with family. For those who are staying away from home can be challenging. Though some of us will be celebrating this time alone, but we can always feel good by bringing the good memories back.

EID Mubarak to all. Do let us know in the comments, what Eid was like in your childhood.

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