Patnabeats Collaborated With 53 Cafe House To Bring The Spectacular Multi-Genre Music Festival To Patna

Patnabeats Collaborated With 53 Cafe House To Bring The Spectacular Multi-Genre Music Festival To Patna

Uniting all music and food lovers in Patna, Neo Patna Music Festival in association with 53 cafe house was an unprecedented crowd puller this season. The festival was lauded not only for its spectacular and diverse line-up of artists like Aditya Prakash, Shivam Narayan, Arinar Black, The Bloopers, 22Days, Abhishek Aditya, Daniel and many more, but it also showed up the underrated local gems who are adept in their genres.

Soon as the gig kicks off in the evening around 6:00, a drizzle played its role in adding vibes for the fest. People had a really good time but the show had to stop for a while due to rain. But as soon the rain slows down, The Show Must Go On.

The show was inaugurated with a heartfelt greeting to the people and memorizing the late singers who died this year. Daniel and Maria – a pair of siblings sang some ear-soothing Bollywood lyrics. The blues and country music played by ‘Abhishek Aditya and the band’ set fire on stage. The entire aura reverberated with applause with a Bihari folk, “Anguri mein dasle biya naginiyan ae nandi, piya ke bulayi da”, performed by ‘The Bloopers Band’. Then,’ 22 Days’ turned into Post-rock, alternate rock and pop music. A powerful and ambient genre rocked out the venue. The last act was by Aditya, Shivam and Arinar Black from Soundmine Records who went beyond all the limitations of genre and ended the gig with a bang.

Meanwhile, a special tribute has been paid to the late singer KK. This minute moistened every eye there. Kahlil Gibran said, “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife.” Every music lover present at the concert could feel these lines. Applauses was easily conveying the level of enthusiasm of Patnaites. 

The concert was a rather great opportunity delivered by Patna Beats for Bihari talent to reveal their performance. This gave a platform to the musician to showcase their potential. “World Music Day is celebrated to cherish the music. This Musical event has been organised to encourage the musician and admire the different genres of music.” Said Divya, Content Creator, Patna Beats.

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