Are we too heading towards need of Odd-Even formula, Patna?

It’s already an established fact that Patna has become the most polluted city of the world and has ever becoming more and more dangerous city to live in, with each time you burn garbage in open air, each time you take your vehicle out even to cover a distance of 200m, each time you turn your eye away from the alarming situation of pollution in the city.

While the city’s air is synonymous to poison, Patna stands at first position in the world in terms of air pollution. Given the number of respiratory related patients in Patna, the pathetic level of pollution is evident. It is estimated that out of every 10,000 people in Patna, 1,200 would have very serious breathing related diseases while around 18,000 would have other similar diseases. According to a recent survey, around 17.3 lakh people in Bihari have breathing and other disorders which is higher than any other disease.


There is hardly a day in Patna when PM2.5 count is less than 500, safe count being 100. Imagine the city being 5 times more polluted than the normal. Would anyone like his/her child to breath this polluted air? It is still not too late to open our eyes and realize the bad, real bad effects of air pollution till its not too late. Is it not good to realize, ponder and take baby steps from today itself, or do we want the government to do the same for us? Are we heading towards the need of an odd-even scheme in Delhi?

Think. Act. Before its too late.


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