Patna Pirates demolish Bengal Warriors’ defense to win by 50-30

Patna Pirates, Patna, Pro Kabaddi


  • The brave moment of the match belonged to Deepak Narwal of Patna Pirates for his 15th minute raid to get a bonus and Ziaur Rahman.
  • Pardeep Narwal of Patna Pirates was given the Perfect Raider for 11 raid points.
  • Jaideep of Patna Pirates was given the Defender of the match for 5 tackle points out of 7 tackles.


Patna Pirates defeated Bengal Warriors second time in Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season VI to take them to 2nd position on the table. Pardeep Narwal and Deepak Narwal got Super 10s to make the difference for Patna Pirates. Bengal’s raiding department couldn’t do their magic as they got only 17 points compared to 28 points by Patna. Jaideep got a High 5 to ensure the defensive supremacy of Patna over Bengal. Maninder Singh was thoroughly neutralized by Patna’s defense as he got 6 points in his 18 raids.

Bengal Warriors were starting with 5 defenders and 2 raiders with Ran Singh playing the dual role for them and would want to get their payback on Patna who defeated them 29-27 the last time they met while Patna will be facing them confidently as they were the sole team they defeated in their home leg. Ravinder Kumar getting Jang Kun Lee in the 2nd minute after his successful bonus attempt is how the scoreboard ticked initially. Baldev Singh created nuisance for Patna’s raiders with assistance from Adarsh T as seen in the 4th minute when he got Deepak Narwal in a dash to make it 4-3 with Patna still leading.

Patna were reduced to 3 men after a few unsuccessful raids by them but caught back when Kuldeep Singh got a strong ankle hold on Maninder Singh to get a Super Tackle in the 9th minute and make it 7-6. Deepak Narwal then got the important Surjeet Singh and in form Baldev Singh to make it 9-6 in the next raid. This led to Bengal conceding an All Out in the 14th minute as Jaideep did a strong block on Jang Kun Lee to take their lead to 16-8. Maninder Singh got Vikas Kale and Ravinder Kumar after his dangling leg just crossed the midline to make the score read 21-12. The half ended with Patna Pirates leading Bengal Warriors by 22-14.


Patna Pirates, Patna, Pro Kabaddi

Patna Pirates continued their supreme domination with a stung ankle hold on Maninder Singh by Jaideep to make it 24-14 in the 22nd minute. Pardeep Narwal got rid of both the corners of Bengal, Baldev Singh and Adarsh T, in his 25th minute Do-Or-Die raid to make it 28-14 and stop their tandem for a few minutes. This led to Bengal conceding another All Out in the 26th minute as Surjeet Singh had to concede a surrender raid to Pardeep Narwal to make it 32-14.

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Maninder Singh was constantly neutralized or kept silent with empty raids in the match. This could be observed by the way he became a victim of Vijay’s double thigh hold that looked more like a short block on him to make it 35-17 in the 31st minute. Pardeep Narwal slowly increased his points tally as he got Baldev Singh trying a waist hold from behind his back unsuccessfully in his 33rd minute Do-Or-Die raid. A great pursuit raid by Pardeep Narwal saw him get a running hand touch on Maninder which then led to Patna inflict another All Out on Bengal in the 36th minute it 45-18.  Bengal then got an All Out on Patna in the 38th minute when they got Deepak Narwal but it was too late as Patna was still on a 20 point lead with the score reading 47-27. The match ended with Patna Pirates defeating Bengal Warriors 50-30.

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