Patna Pirates Beat Gujarat Fortunegiants to win their hat-trick title

Patna Pirates complete their hat-trick as they beat Gujarat Fortunegiants 55-38 in the final of Pro Kabaddi League 2017 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.


Patna Pirates have once again proved why they are the real champions on the mat as they complete their hattrick of Pro Kabaddi titles by beating Gujarat Fortunegiants in the big final at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. Captain Pardeep Narwal once again shines in the raiding department for Patna, he picked up 19 raid points to bag the ‘Perfect Raider of the Match’ award. Pardeep continued his rampant form in the big match and picked up points at will in the important clash against the sturdy Gujarat defence.


21.06 IST: Monu Goyat picks up the last raid point of the match for Patna. Patna Pirates 55-38 Gujarat Fortunegiants

21.04 IST: Gujarat are on the brink of losing this title clash, one more point in defence for Patna. Pirates 54-37 Fortunegiants

21.03 IST: Mahendra Rajput self-out himself, one more point for Pirates. Patna 49-36 Fortunegiants

21.02 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up two more raid points, Pirates 46-36 Fortunegiants

21.00 IST: Young raider Sachin picks up another raid point for Gujarat. Fortunegiants 35-35 Pirates

20.57 IST: Timeout taken by Patna Pirates!

20.57 IST: Super tackle from Patna defence this time, two more points for the double defending champs. Pirates 45-34 Fortunegiants

20.56 IST: Patna are falling apart here, one more point for Gujarat. Fortunegiants 34-40 Pirates

20.55 IST: Chandran Ranjit picks up three brilliant raid points for Fortuegiants, Gujarat 33-39 Patna

20.54 IST: Mahendra Rajput picks up two important raid points for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 30-39 Patna

20.52 IST: Brilliant work from Gujarat defenders, Pardeep goes out for Patna. Fortunegiants 28-38 Pirates

20.51 IST: Pardeep Narwal you monster, he picks up another fifer for Patna. Gujarat suffer another all-out. Patna Pirates 38-26 Gujarat Fortunegiants

20.49 IST: Monu Goyat picks up another brilliant raid point for Patna, Pirates 32-26 Fortunegiants

20.48 IST: Combination tackle from Patna defence, Mahendra Rajput goes out for Gujarat. Patna 31-26 Gujarat Fortunegiants

20.45 IST: Timeout taken by umpires

20.43 IST: Mahendra Rajput uses his height advantage to pick up a raid point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 26-29 Patna

20.41 IST: This time Pardeep Narwal gets tackled, finally Gujarat defence starting to show their strength. Fortunegiants 24-29 Pirates

20.40 IST: Sachin picks up a quick touch point for Fortunegiants, great speed from the raider. Gujarat 22-28 Patna

20.38 IST: Gujarat Fortunegiants suffer second all-out of the match, Patna Pirates take lead by six points 27-21 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants

20.37 IST: Rohit Gulia picks up a point in his raid for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 20-22 Pirates

20.37 IST: Pardeep Narwal once gain picks up a great raid point with his infamous ‘dubki’, Patna 22-19 Gujarat

20.36 IST: Gujarat lose their review, just a single raid point for Fortunegiants. Gujarat 19-21 Patna

20.35 IST: Mahendra Rajput of Gujarat asks for a TV Review!

20.27 IST: Patna Pirates lead 21-18 vs Gujarat Fortunegiants at half-time.

20.26 IST: Absolute sensational stuff from the double defending champions, Patna pick up yet another defence point. Pirates 21-18 Fortunegiants

20.25 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up yet another crucial raid point for Patna, Pirates 20-18 Fortunegiants

20.23 IST: Sachin pays off the price for being greedy in raiding, Patna defence picks up another point. Pirates 19-18 Fortunegiants

20.22 IST: Pardeep Narwal picks up a point with a running hand touch for Pirates, Patna 18-17 Gujarat

20.20 IST: Monu picks up a touch point and a bonus point for Pirates. Patna take the lead for the first time 17-16 vs Gujarat

20.19 IST: Pardeep Narwal pulls off an incredible five-point Super Raid for Patna, he single-handedly inflicts an All-out on Gujarat. It’s 15-15

20.18 IST: Monu Goyat picks up an incredible raid point for Pirates, Patna trail by four points 10-14 vs Gujarat

20.17 IST: Key point for Pirates as Gujarat captain Sukesh pinned on the mat. Patna 9-14 Gujarat

20.16 IST: Abozar Mighani makes a rare error in defence, Vijay picks up a touch point for Patna. Pirates 8-14 Fortunegiants 

20.14 IST: Sachin picks up two more raid points for Fortunegiants, Gujarat stretch their lead 14-6 vs Patna Pirates

20.13 IST: Sueksh gets tackled this time from Patna defence, point for Pirates. Patna 6-12 Gujarat

20.12 IST: Another strong tackle from Guajrat defenders, one more point for the team in orange. Fortunegiants 11-5 Pirates

20.10 IST: Sachin once again shines in raiding for Gujarat, Fortunegiants 10-5 Pirates

20.08 IST: Gujarat inflict a brilliant all-out on Patna Pirates too early in the first half, Fortunegiants lead by five points 9-4 Patna Pirates

20.07 IST: Sachin picks up a brilliant raid point for Fortunegiants, Gujarat 5-2 Patna

20.06 IST: Pardeep Narwal gets tackled, Gujarat defenders working in tandem. Fortunegiants 4-2 Pirates

20.05 IST: Rakesh Narwal shines for Gujarat, he goes a step further and picks up three raid points for them. Fortunegiants 3-2 Pirates

20.04 IST: Monu Goyat pulls off a stellar raid to pick up the first points of the night for Patna, Pirates 2-0 Fortunegiants

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