Patna Joy Ride | The Romantic Roads To Take
Patna Baiely road flyover

Patna Joy Ride | The Romantic Roads To Take

The cities are quite like humans- there’s one side that we see and then there’s the other beautiful side, which remains hidden until you explore. Patna, the city where I landed accidentally, has grown on me and I can breathe the city even from a 1000 miles. Being a journalist, I got used to the nukkads, roads and secret shortcuts of Patna. The sun hibernating behind the clouds, the pleasant weather and a perfect song- the ingredients needed to spice up a long drive or a walk. PatnaBeats lists few of the best roads to take for a quite joy ride/drive or may be a romantic walk:

Hardinge Road:

The unwrinkled broad road over looking Haj Bhawan, a dome-shaped well appointed building, wisely beautified with colourful laser light will light up your mood. ‘Falling- Gold’ – the yellow bright blooming flowers guarding the road will welcome you with a great smile.
Must do: Extend your drive till Chitkohra ROB for a magnificent view of Eco-park. Take a halt and enjoy the fresh air on the pedestrian path.




Raj Bhawan Roundabout:

The white distempered colonial era building with a body-stretching huge round about with a huge life size statue of the first President of India and a native of Bihar-Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The area is under a strict surveillance of CCTV and is quite safe for late night walks and drives. The spectacular view of Raj Bhawan, the spotless road and green plants is quite satisfying after a long day’s work.
Must do: Walk down to the zoo (appox 1 km) towards gate no. 2 and pig out on a huge cone of ice-cream.


Patna-Baktiyarpur four lane highway:

The 50 kms long smooth and jerk proof highway is a perfect road to take for an isolated and peaceful drive. Plan for a proper dinner at a Dhaba- the highway offers many decent restaurants and dhabas. Enjoy your dinner under the star-studded sky with unputdownable services. A unique blend of blooming mustard fields and completely empty spaces, the highway has a scenic view of greenery all around. Get your camera along and capture the beautiful scenic moments on the go.
Must do: Listen to your favorite tracks while driving down the smooth four lanes.


Jagdeopath Flyover:

Drive down to the first flyover of the city for a magnificent view of the City. The high raised buildings, the swanky showrooms, the elite hotels and the stars hanging in the sky- the perfect combination for an evening drive. The 2.75 kms long flyover is home to pleasant breeze during the evening and will make the workload tension slip out of your ears.
Must do: Roll down the car’s glass and enjoy the drive.

Patna Baiely road flyover
Photo By: Saurav Anuraj
Patna Baiely road flyover
Photo by Rishav raj

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