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Patna is soon going to generate electricity from its waste

Patna is soon going to generate electricity from its waste: Patna Municipal Corporation announced in its general meeting.

In recent days, Patna is witnessing a stream of positive developments that are going on in and around the city. Be it eliminating encroachment, installing street lights, better traffic control, or cleanliness drives, the initiatives that are being taken by the city’s municipality is giving us hope towards achieving a cleaner Patna.
The more positive efforts of the authorities, combined with the enthusiastic support from the public is making things happen in the city. The effort are getting backed by the government with them providing necessary resources to revamping the state of our city.
Taking forward the cause of rejuvenating and cleaning the city, there are two major steps that are going to be taken by the municipality. Patna Municipal Corporation in its 26th general meeting has announced to;
1: Establish a waste management plant to produce energy from the waste.
2: Approve a lifetime pension to the families and reliant of the employees of Patna Municipal Corporation.
With an intention to make Patna a clean Patna, this particular step of utilizing waste to convert it into energy has been taken. To achieve this Patna Municipal Corporation will try to implement the waste management to its best. They will first collect waste from all over the city, then segregate it into ‘dry waste’ and ‘wet waste’. Once the segregation is done, electricity will be generated from it. To do so, PMC did a collaboration with A.G Dauters waste processing Pvt. Ltd. The company is an-year-old private firm incorporated for the purpose of waste management. This whole project will be designed, build, financed as well as operated by them. They will also install various ‘Fixed Transfer Station’ around the city where people can dump their waste which will later be converted to consumable energy.

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“The state capital generates 700 metric tonne of waste on a daily basis. The plant, which we have proposed to set up in Patna, can convert the 700 metric ton solid waste into 300 mega watt electricity apart from fuel including diesel and cooking gas. The best part of our model is that it doesn’t produce ash at any stage nor smog. The plant will come on 100 per cent foreign direct investment.”,” said Ajay Girotra, the managing director of AG Dauters Waste Processing Pvt Ltd.


It is not the only positive outcome of the meeting. Together with this incredible step to maintain our waste to 100%, PMC has also given its approval to offer the families of its employees a lifetime pension. There has been much deliberation on this decision for a long time and it was finally taken in the meeting held today at PMC head office in Mauryalok. This step is going to benefit the families of the workers of the municipal corporation and provide them financial safety and stability.

It gives us joy to see such a development taking place in our city. There should be more steps taken at a regular interval not just for the waste management but infrastructure, ease of transportation, water management during the rainy season and to make this city a greener place. It will not only offer its citizen a complacent living but also attract outsiders to visit and adore this lovely city. It will positively affect our economy, social condition and will provide us with better education and more opportunities. But like we say “Rome is not built in a day”, we have to wait as well as contribute if you dream for a better Patna.

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