Patna, previously known as Pataliputra is one of the world’s oldest living cities . Standing on the banks of River Ganges, Patna is home to bustling neighbourhoods with splendid art, tradition, patriotism and culture.

Patna has some of the country’s premier institutions like AIIMS Patna, National Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology, etc. It has a pool of skillful and enthusiastic students who have immense potential to take on leadership roles that would shape the country’s future.

Through AIESEC, the youth of Patna will get a chance to build essential and fundamental skills and develop their leadership potential.

AIESEC, a non-governmental, and not for-profit organization present in127 countries and territories, has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is recognised by UNESCO, has always actively contributed to the society, specially the youth, through their international internships, volunteering opportunities and team experiences. Keeping that in mind AIESEC in Kolkata has come up with an event – the AIESEC Leadership Conclave. A unified Youth Leadership Festival for the youth to Educate, Innovate, and collaborate.

Through this conclave, they aim to address India’s largest cohort: our youth. A platform to discover technology, process, culture, skills and policy to create a robust foundation for the future of work, AIESEC Leadership Conclave is all set to impact student’s lives. The conclave will center its discussions around hiring trends, Internships, Future Skills, Upskilling. Entrepreneurship, Learning & Development, Finance, Competition & Assessment in pandemic times.

“The fabled futures we imagined were far different from the future we are experiencing today. As we come to grips with a transformed world, it’s time we reinvent wheels and redraw blueprints of how this future must look like. And that planning begins now.”, says Khushi Periwal, the Head of Expansions in AIESEC in Kolkata.

The event is set on four parallel tracks – Internship fair, segment competitions, round table discussion and Keynote speaker sessions. All of which are designed solely to cater the youth. Segment Competitions are curated to put youth in challenging situations, develop fundamental skills such as interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making which are essential at current times.The Round Table Discussions bring together Industrial experts and top young leaders to have conversations that matter regarding the Future of Work, Social Upliftment and generate actionable ideas and initiatives to be taken forward to impact the world.In the Internship Fair they aim to provide a platform to enhance the Future of Work Skills amongst the youth; we have companies offering our students internships to get an in-hand experience of their skills.Lastly we have the Speaker sessions. Speakers specialized in their sector of field give the youth an idea of the future of work and get insights from these influential people of different sectors.

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