Patna girl calls off marriage when groom asked for extra dowry

A girl came to know that her family was asked for additional dowry, she called off the wedding rejecting the grabby groom. “I am proud of my daughter,” her father said.

A marriage was called off in Patna, Bihar, after a bride refused to marry a man.

Ask why?

The fellow wanted additional dowry and the demand was put forward just before the knot was to be tied.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had appealed to the masses to boycott those who ask or take dowry the day before the girl’s marriage was to take place.


When the girl’s family went to groom’s home in Harkhauli village in Gopalganj district for the ’tilak’ ceremony on Friday, the man’s family asked for additional money, that too in cash.

Demonetisation, remember?

The tilak ceremony was delayed after bride’s family tried to convince the groom’s family not to ask for additional dowry. Girl’s family told them about their paucity but it all fell on deaf ears.

When the girl came to know, she called her family telling them her new decision to reject the “greedy” groom. The wedding was soon called off.


“I am proud of my daughter. She has showed the greedy people the way,”said the bride’s father, Yogesh Singh, to media on Sunday, according to a Gulf News report.

However, a case has not been registered by police but the force has hailed the girl for taking such a bold decision.

“The girl is a dowry in itself. The society will have to change its outlook about dowry,” said police inspector Sarita Kumari.

Source: IndiaToday


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