Patna Based RailRestro Enters Into a Whole New Way of Catering Through Food Outlets


Manish Chandra and his wife Suman Priya, the husband-wife duo, being travel enthusiasts,would always find it difficult to get good food on train journeys.

“It almost seemed impossible to imagine hot, savoury food being served, right at one’s seat while travelling in a train without facing a good deal of hassle. It was while thinking on this that I came up with a unique business model to form a link between popular food chains and restaurants and the trains, thus solving the problem of the availability of quality food.” said Manish.

In a country where more than 3 million people travel thousands of kilometres every day, if there is a medium which connects a diverse country as ours,together, then it is our railway network. Adding to the charm is the e-catering that adds spice and comfort to these 3 million stories every day. RailRestro is an authorised e-catering service partner of IRCTC, the Indian Railways ombudsman. RailRestro embarked on this journey with a vision to be the most preferred brand for ordering meals during train journeys in India with a mission to provide fresh, tasty and healthy food to every passenger within the comfort of their seats.

This was the start and as the company began to grow with increasing demands of food supplies in train, the startup reached break-even in just nine months from the date of its inception. The order processing capability increased from 50 meals to over 500 meals per day. Railrestro later joined hands with Indian Railways e-catering services as an official partner in November 2016. This was a major leap as the orders grew by three folds in just few months. The major reason behind this was the enormous vendor network at the backend of Railrestro’s e-catering venture.

It all began with the release of CAG reports on the on-going catering service of the Indian Railways which slammed the ‘Pantry Car’ model from being functional. The food served under such delivery model was declared as un-safe for human consumption. The on-going e-catering service model joined hands with prevalent e-catering service providers like RailRestro to keep the wheels moving.

E-catering services cater to food availability for people who book their food online while traveling in train. The growing awareness towards e-catering services and food options available needed further focus on multiple locations that were yet to be covered.

Expansion Through Food Outlets Across Top 30 Locations.

RailRestro is planning to cover top 30 locations through food outlets. These food outlets would help people who are traveling via Indian railways, to avail hygienic food during train journey. Such food outlets would be opened in all top 30 locations, which include:

  • Vijayawada (BZA).
  • Nagpur (NGP).
  • Visakhapatna (VSKP).
  • Itarsi (ET).
  • Bhopal (BPL).
  • Kanpur Central (CNB).
  • Bhusawal (BSL).
  • Jhansi (JHS).
  • Lucknow (LKO).
  • Vadodara (BRC).
  • Mughalsarai (MGS).
  • Surat (ST).
  • Gwalior (GWL).
  • New Delhi (NDLS).
  • Mathura (MTJ).
  • Secunderabad (SC).
  • Ballarshah (BPQ).
  • Bhubaneswar (BBS).
  • Jabalpur (JBP).
  • Ratlam (RTM).
  • Kota (KOTA)
  • Ahmedabad (ADI).
  • Salem (SA).
  • Bilaspur (BSP).
  • New Jalpaiguri (NJP).
  • H. Nizamuddin (NZM).
  • Gondia (G).
  • Satna (STA).
  • Solapur Thane (SUR).
  • Jaipur (JP).

These outlets will serve food of choice to train travellers by this year end. With these initiatives, RailRestro would be able to create awareness towards e-catering services and also reach out to wider offline audience in Indian railway network.

New Locations Added

In an endeavour to extend the reach, RailRestro is also adding newer locations. Some of the newly added locations include:

On-Board Catering Services- a Whole New Way of E-Catering by RailRestro: 

Railrestro is also entering into on-board catering services. With this whole new concept, RailRestro will serve all meal demands in popular non-pantry trains. This will help to curb the suffering of travellers in trains who have to live by other food vending services during their train journey. RailRestro will cover trains that are devoid of food facilities in the form of pantry. RailRestro will cover all the meal requirements for people who would be traveling in such trains. This would help travellers to avail food of their choices either via IRCTC ‘Food On Track’ App or via Railrestro App. Food ordered via online modes would be delivered to passengers on their seat at no extra charges.

Path Ahead 

RailRestro along with IRCTC e-catering is making every effort to offer the best-in-class food during train journey. With on-board catering and food outlets, the problem to avail hot and hygienic food of choice during train journey will be available on one tap. For more info, visit  today.

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