Patna Added in the Super-fast Duranto Express Howrah-Delhi Run

Patna’ites welcomed the introduction of high-speed Duranto Express between Howrah and Delhi that made its first ever stop at Patna Junction on Friday in the presence of several top East-Central railways officials.

As the train prepared to change its pilots who had steered the superfast train from Howrah to Patna in a record time, officials at Patna Junction on Platform No. 4 gave warm send-off to the new pilot R K P Singh and his assistant R K Kashyap wishing them a safe and enjoyable journey to the nation’s capital.

Howrah-Delhi Duranto Express train number 12273 will pass through Patna twice a week, officials said.

It will leave Howrah at 8:35 am on Mondays and Fridays reaching Patna the same day at 4:30 pm. From Patna, it will leave ten minutes later at 4:40 pm arriving at New Delhi railway station next day at 6:25 am after making brief stops in Mughalsarai and Kanpur.

On its return from Delhi, the train would leave the nation’s capital on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 12:55 pm reaching Patna at 12:50 am the next morning. After a halt of 10 minutes, it would leave Patna Junction at 1:00 am reaching Howrah at 10:40 am.

Source: PatnaDaily

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