Women Empowerment, Govt Initiatives and People’s Entertainment on the Priority List for Patliputra Mahotsava 2017

Patliputra Mahotsav, Patna

Starting from today, The Miller’s High School Ground in Patna will be the ultimate destination for all the Patnaites this entire week. The reason for this is the start of the biggest festival of entrepreneurs, artists and foodies, the Patliputra Mahotsava. Beginning from today, i.e. 26th December, this festival would last one week, with its grand closing ceremony to be organised on the occasion of New Year i.e. 1st January 2018.


Throughout the Mahotsava, social evils such as child marriage, dowry system, intemperance (Nashakhori) and domestic violence and the govt initiatives to end these evils such as Sharabbandi(Liquor Ban), Dahej Mukti(Dowry Ban) and Women Empowerment through 33% reservation in jobs would be highlighted.

To depict this via actions, various acting academies have been selected by the organising committee. They would showcase all these through Nukkad Nataks and short films. Theatre academies from within the city such as Aakar, Anhad, Artmaker etc would be a part of this.

Speaking about the preparations, Ashutosh, the co-ordinator of Nukkad Nataks said, “We have been doing rehearsals from quite some time now. We hope to entertain the public, keeping in mind that, with the entertainment, they also take home the social message we would portray through our skills.”


Women empowerment through govt initiatives has been the brainchild of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar from the very first term of his tenure since 2005. Carrying forward that same idea, this Mahotsava would also provide a platform for ideas which would promote women empowerment and their social upliftment.

Talking about this initiative, Sanjay Khandelia, State President (Bihar), JDU Industrial Cell, said ,”For the purpose of women empowerment and to encourage women entrepreneurship, the govt would be providing financial support throughout the Mahotsava. Apart from that, training and guidance would also be provided by the govt to women entrepreneurs for their start-ups.”


The basic concept of Patliputra Mahotsava though all its initiatives is to promote “Brand Bihar”.  To achieve this aim, many start-ups have been given stalls in the Mahotsava to sell their innovative ideas about Brand Bihar to the investors coming from all across the country and even from abroad. There is no restriction regarding the ideas to be industrial or of any specific sector. The start-ups could be about anything as long as they are promoting “Brand Bihar”.


A group of the members of “Skill India” initiative of the central govt along with a group of members of the “Kaushal Vikas” initiative of the sate govt would be present in the Mahotsava to impart basic skills to youth and women through their workshops.

To make the workshops even more enjoyable and lively, the two groups have decided to perform live demonstrations of those skills in front of the visitors.


Patliputra Mahotsava Ground has been given a state of the art look by the designers from German Hanger. The designers say that the venue has been designed in such a way that, even if there is huge crowd inside the ground, it would seem like normal affair for visitors. This they claim would negate the possibilities of rush, bodies brushing each other and any kind of untoward incidents like stampede.

It would only be formalities to ask you to come here, because we know that you are already buzzing with excitement having read this and our previous article on the Mahotsava. We promise you to be your online guide and reporter throughout this grand festival. So come visit the Patliputra Mahotsava and keep following PatnaBeats for more reports on this.

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Patliputra Mahotsav, Patna