Patliputra Mahotsav | A Mega Event To Promote Trade And Culture Of Bihar

Patna has a glorious past like no other city in the Indian History. A city whose administrative power controlled vast regions stretching from modern Afghanistan in the west to Bengal in the east, from Kashmir in the north to Deccan in the south, also brought the golden period of Indian art, culture and power.

Patliputra, the land of harmony, peace, joy, sentiments and great fun is always up and about for a festival. The creation that beholds different cultures is this never ending festival saga. The unity and integrity within Bihar is influenced by the presence of such festivals and Mahotsava. And among them, there are many which hold special place in the heart of the State.

Patliputra Mahotsav” is going to be one of them. It would be one of the  most exclusive festivals known to this state. Being the harbinger of a new year, people harmonize at places of interest and this is going to be an interesting destination for the citizens. Patliputra Mahotsav is planned to be celebrated annually, it would bring a perfect fusion of business, music, art, culture, serenity and celebrations.

Patliputra Mahotsav Concept has been highly admired by the business owners and locals alike. It is going to be a seven day feast of classical dances, folk art, light music and Business starting 26th December 2017 to 1st January 2018.

Patliputra Mahotsav is an ode to the rich cultural heritage of Bihar. It would be organised under the aegis of special Janta Dal United Industry Cell, under the guidance of Honourable Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr Nitish Kumar.

It is going to be one of the major attractions for tourists from India as well as abroad. This Mahotsav will be a Platform to welcome New Year in a grand style.

Why Mahotsav?

Throughout the ages, Mahotsavas and exhibitions have been organized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for promoting businesses and reaching market audiences cost effectively. A well structured and planned display format with a mix of entrepreneurs, VIPs, celebrities and general public would make this a place of great viability.

A number of government organizations would use this platform to spread awareness about their programs and policies among the public. Stalls would be set up for artisans, entrepreneurs, local industries (large, medium, small, cottage) from many parts of India. It is where visitors, exhibitors, media persons, marketing professionals, social activists, NGOs would come together to explore their objective.

Patliputra Mahotsava core committee has decided to facilitate key and renowned personalities from their respective fields like administration, jurisdiction, politics, media, sports, education, agriculture, health and hospitality etc for their exceptional contribution towards the welfare and development of state.


Arts & Crafts:

Around 50 legendary artisans would get the opportunity of showcasing their work of art at grand level. It would include:-

  1. Wood,stone,bamboo,soil carvings from all over Bihar.
  2. Bamboo-cane work from North  Bihar,
  3. Sikki Art and Madhubani Art from Mithila
  4. Manjusha art From Bhagalpur
  5. Tikuli art from Patna.

You would get to see the true essence of Bihar’s art and crafts.


Patliputra Mahotsav would also organize cultural events depicting the cultural aspect of India through magnificent performances by the renowned artists from all spheres. One can experience a profusion of folk & classical music & dances of various regions especially Bhojpuri and Magahi.


Besides being a treat of exquisite culture and art forms for tourists, Patliputra Mahotsav would also be the ultimate destination for Indian and Bihari food lovers. Some of the scrumptious and lip-smacking delicacies would be offered at Patliputra Mahotsav at reasonable rates.

Fun Fair:

It would be the most loved and biggest attraction for children as it would involve fun rides like merry-go-rounds, train rides etc. It would also have:-

  1. 250 commercial stalls for products exhibitions and sale.
  2. 20 pavilions to have provision for participation from tourism, forest, water and income tax department.
  3. 30 food stalls and 40 ice cream and beverage stalls.

The arrangements would be made in such a way that this mega event is widely covered by electronics & print media and would give nation-wide publicity through different channels. It is expected to have a viewership of about 8 Million people.

This Mahotsav is organized to promote the Art, Craft, culture, Food and Tourism of Bihar. So, if you want to enjoy and experience the true essence of India in general and Bihar in particular, come to Patliputra Mahotsav organized at Miller’s Ground Patna.

NOTE- To be a part of this Mahotsava as an entrepreneur and to have your own stall placed in the Patliputra Mahotsava, Contact at the given below numbers.


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