PACS membership drive launched for Bihari farmers

Now, membership drive for PACS ( Primary Agriculture Credit Society) in Bihar can be achieved
through an easy and novel way. We may take the example of Dumri Bujurg Panchayat in Chhapra.To draw attention, a loud public announcement by the beating of drum was made to enlist people of the panchayat as PACS members.

PACS is to make a way for the solution to the needs of farmers. Biscoman Chairman, Sunil Singh worked for this, and the number of PACS member increased to nine thousand. People who are now figuring in the voter list of the panchayat was made a PACS member by 30th June. The submission of the list to DCO/BCO has already been done.


“Along with the membership drive, strengthening of PACS is also very important. It is heartening to note that from NABARD to the state government to the role PACS can play in the growth of the rural economy”,said Mr Singh.

“If the state govt. gives loan to farmers for agriculture, PACS presidents should enlist the maximum number of people as members. However, if such loans to the farmers, PACS presidents should flinch from enlisting even one single individual as a member” he added.

As per data by government, there are a total of 98 thousand PACS, out of which 63 thousand are
computerized. Now both Cooperative and government sector are convinced that agri-inputs such as seeds, fertilizers or credits etc could be distributed through PACS in a very efficient way.


He also explained the way that how he ensured that every villager became a member of PACS. He first enlisted the names of about seven women who got married to village boys within last month. Mr. Sunil said, “Daughter in-laws of the village are now its residents and they cannot be left behind.”

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Chief Executive N Satyanarayana placed his views in a pre-budget consultation and he was representing NCUI. For the PACS, he said that the comprehensive development of rural areas, viable PACS need to be converted into nodal agencies for both input and output needs of the farming community.

PACS can either collect farmers’ produce from the field or forward it straight to market or value addition centres accordingly, the people working with the PACS idea quoted.This could bring a big change in the lives of farmers.

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