Over 200 School-Kids Participated In CREO 2017, The Inter School Event Promoting Creativity

Indirapuram Public School for GirlsTo celebrate creativity, Indirapuram Public School for Girls organized CREO 2017, an Inter school Art, Cultural, and literary festival on 7th and 8th December 2017. More than 200 students from 10 different schools from Patna participated in 14 events of Creo 2017. The Champion’s Trophy of this year was grabbed by Radiant International School who scored the maximum marks in the event, while the Bradford International School was the Runner-up school. Promoting creativity and inspiring kids to think beyond books and classrooms is a crucial step in building a better society with better citizens for future. For rebuilding Bihar’s image and making a better Bihar, it is essential that our new generations get this kind of exposure. ‘Creo’ is such an event which provides this platform to the schoolkids of Patna and PatnaBeats’ supports this initiative as the official online media partner for the event.

The Chairman of Indirapuram Public School for Girls attended the Valedictory ceremony along with the Director of Indirapuram group of Institutes, and Principals of Indirapuram Public School for Girls, Radiant International School, DY Patil School, Bradford International School, and Open Minds Birla School.Indirapuram Public School for Girls

In a conversation with PatnaBeats Chairman of Indirapuram Public School for Girls Vishal Singh said, “On the similar lines, our Delhi NCR schools of the group conduct ‘Khoj’, an inter-school competition, each year which sees a footfall of about 1500 students in our schools during the event. I can visualise ‘Creo’ of Indirapuram Public School Girls growing that big in stature and number of participants soon.”

Indirapuram Public School for Girls Indirapuram Public School for Girls“Last two days saw about 200 students from 10 schools of Patna come down to our school for this Festival of Learning called Creo. Great variety of activities and equally enthusiastic participants turned the whole school campus extremely vibrant. In the last two days, lasting associations were built, latent talents were discovered and competitions were won.” Said director of Indirapuram group of Institute Rita Singh in an exclusive interaction with Patnabeats. She further added, “I am happy with the efforts the school staff has taken to make this event one of the ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ ones.”

Talking about the school’s initiative, Principal of Indirapuram Public School for Girls said, “In last two days we saw creative minds around us, every kid who participated brought a perspective of their own, and each perspective we saw was equally creative. In last one year Indirapuram Public School for Girls has tried to give kids a platform for free thinking and creativity, and in future, we hope to bring more events like Creo to celebrate Art, Culture and Literature.”

Indirapuram Public School for Girls Indirapuram Public School for Girls The Highlights of the events were graffiti created by the students of Tribhuvan School, Qawwali, Nukkad Natak, etc.

There were in total 15 activities in Creo 2017. On day one they had nine activities that include:

1.    Stumbling Block; A unique puzzle solving game for LKG and UKG students, where they will solve the peace-related puzzle.

2.    Tanzdrama; On theme Save Environment, kids will dramatize a dance to show that nature is our best friend.

3.    JEWEL-E-RE-DESIGNING; On theme, Futuristic Jewellery kids will prepare a jewellery using e-waste items only.

4.    Comic strip prepare; On theme My green space, kids will prepare comic strips.

5.    Actemote; Here kids will select a story from the works of any one of the following authors and prepare a script and play: Prem Chand, Satyajit Ray, Kalki, Sudha Murty, or Rabindranath Tagore.

6.    The Writing On a wall; A unique graffiti making competition for kids using spray paints, oil paints on theme save nature.

7.    Babble On a Cable; Here kids will prepare a picture story on eight stone, through their creative paintings over stone.

8.    Encash-The-Trash; Theme: Creating scientific toy from trash

9.    The Forth Estate; A unique journalism and filmmaking activity, where kids will cover creo in their unique style.Indirapuram Public School for Girls

On day two they had six activities:

1.    Art Atack; Here, kids will prepare a coastal scene using shells and/or pasta, and complete the scenery with vegetable and ear bus painting.

2.    Clay Modelling; In this kids will prepare a fruits basket with clay.

3.    Mathematical hurdle; It is an outdoor activity in which the participants will have to solve simple mathematical puzzles in the playfield and cross hurdles to reach the finish line.

4.    Quawwali; Theme: Environment (People vs Pollution)

5.    The Forth Estate; A unique journalism and film making activity, where kids will cover creo in their unique style.

6.    Nukkad Natak

In last few months, Indirapuram Public School for Girls has provided different national and state level platforms for students of the city to challenge their minds in order to achieve holistic development. Earlier this November Indirapuram Public School for girls also hosted a regional round of national debating tournament Behes, and coming 26th and 27th December, they are hosting a Fundraiser event organized by NGO AAYAAM.

PatnaBeats believe in redefining Bihar, and is very well aware that redefining is not possible without bringing creative minds together, with this moto Patnabeats was the digital media partner for Creo 2017.Indirapuram Public School for Girls