Ola Patna surprises its good samaritan driver partners on Valentines Day!

It goes without saying that a random act of kindness could mean a lot to somebody in need. Patna’s Ola driver partners have proven that time and again over the past year. In order to recognize and reward the selfless act of such driver partners, Ola Patna planned a surprise for them and their spouses.

ola PatnaOne afternoon, Ganga Kumar, an Ola Patna driver partner received a booking that seemed standard but when he arrived at the location, he realized the customer was in an emergency with no help in sight. The sick customer lived on the third floor of her building and was in no condition to go to the hospital. Understanding her plight, Ganga Kumar, without hesitation carried the passenger all the way to the cab from her third floor apartment, so he could get her to the hospital in time.

A similar case happened with another driver partner, Mukesh Kumar who was on his way to a pick up when he witnessed a bike accident. He immediately carried the victim to his car, dropping her off at the nearest SS Hospital. His quick thinking saved a life.

Ganga Kumar and Mukesh Kumar are only two of the numerous good Samaritans that take to the roads every day behind the wheel of an Ola Cab. A team of such driver partners was recognised by customers for exceptional service and was felicitated by the Ola’s Patna Team followed by a lavish Valentine’s Day dinner for them and their spouses at Angeethi Restaurant.

Ola Patna

This indeed reflects how with each ride, Ola Patna strives to provide superior customer service that will be remembered long after the ride has ended

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